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PostSubject: Bentham   Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:14 pm

Character Template


(see appearance description)

Name: Bentham
Alias: (None)
Gender: Male
Age: Nineteen
Birthdate: December, 13th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Special Characteristics: Bentham has a strange way of talking, often adding emphasis on "er's" in speech. More so than a normal person would.
Personality: Bentham is a queer fellow, drove only by his own desires and intentions. Though, that being said, he's particularly inclined to help other Erebos mage's. This stems from his lonely childhood, the need to be apart of something. Bentham above all else is a slave to power, his own, and even others. Preferring to hang around those who are more formidable. Fond of playing mental games with his opponents, demoralizing them before he strikes the final blow. He is manipulative and sadistic. He is also fond of sarcastic humor, displaying a threatening nature to others.


Jokes-- Bentham is a joke enthusiast and will often spout sarcastic humor to those around him. Mocking friends and foes alike. This appears to be a social mechanism, allowing him to better read people.

People-- Bentham deals in people, studying them, playing with them, and above all understanding them. From his youth he has always been enthralled with the actions of others, what drives them, why they live the way they do. He is fond of socializing and will often be founding doing such. He has also shown a keen sense of people, allowing to read their intentions better than most.

Traps-- Bentham is a very sneak character, often hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike. He loves to set up ambushes and traps for opponents. His magic and personality flow well together. He is a strategist, using his traps to his advantage, often luring foes into a fight. He is a instigator of sorts, often pushing things further than need be.

Taunting-- Bentham is an exceptionable well at taunting his opponents, and seems to enjoy it immensely. Often playing with their minds, demoralizing them.

Mechanics-- Bentham has always had and affinity with the mechanical. Fond of building and shaping, technology is his muse. Since his youth, Bentham has carried with him a set of tools, working on whatever he could get his hands on.


Self-Righteous-- Bentham isn't fond of the righteous, believing them selves better-than-thou. Morally, he is darker than most, so he isn't prone to hang around the good-guys.

Quiet types-- Bentham isn't fond of people who are quiet or anyone who isn't easily ploy'd into his games. He tends to avoid these type of people, or dispatch of them quicker than normally.

Uppity Women-- Bentham is a traditionalist, women should serve their husbands. Truthfully, quite the male-chauvinist. He will often voice his opinions on this, telling uppity women should learn their place. In the kitchen with ya!


Innovations-- Bentham constantly strives for new ideas. Moving forward in his creations is really all he wants. Either it be with magic or mechanics. He is constantly at work, always building and creating. If something were to halt his progress in this, Bentham would truly feel useless in the world.

To Live-- Moving forward, growing as a man, mage, and mechanic. Really what everyone wants, to live. To not be halted in a stasis. To grow and change, and take life as it comes.

Renown-- Getting known, prestige, and fame. Bentham is childish that way, he wants recognition for the things he does. He strives for acknowledgement, always trying the best at whatever he does.


Weakness-- A very strong fear of Bentham's. The inability to do something, not being strong enough, not smart enough. This casts some self doubt upon him, but you'd never know it. For it never shows, though in his mind he is constantly calculating.

Alone-- This is Bentham's greatest fear. Once alone, he never wants to be put through his childhood again. He will go far to keep his friends alive. Solitude haunts him, with nothing to do but think, that would truly kill him.

Overwhelmed-- This ties into his fear of weakness, Bentham never wants to be last man on the totem-pole. Being overwhelmed by something or someone scares him, he wants to be the overwhelm-er. For that is just who he is.

General Appearance

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 153 lbs
Hair: Teal. Long reaching near his waist. Wavy.
Eyes: Orange. Never seen through his hair.
Skin Tone: Fair(Caucasian)
Appearance: Bentham does draw the eye to a certain extent. His hair is a wavy mess of teal. Cut to his waist, bangs hung down in front of his eyes. His eyes are rarely seen, so I'll tell you now that their color is orange. A small tidy nose, just below those wavy bangs. Even further down you'll find a smile, giving a menacing theme to him. Years of training has hardened his body. While he is muscular it is a functional form, still retaining litheness. Standing at a height of six feet. While his weight rings in at one-hundred and fifty-three pounds.

His attire is rather eye-catching. Starting at his neck, bandage cover his body. They conceal his entire torso and arms. Though over the bandages he wears a purple hoodie which is inlaid with grey fur. Around his hips are chains. Zebra stripes. Bentham's pants are black and white with stripes, tight form-fitting pants. His boots are very sharp looking with a high heel, reminiscent of cowboy boots.


Guild: Erebos
Tattoo: On his tongue. The tattoo is black.
Rank: D


Primary Magic: Trap Magic
Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Trap magic was first used by Fiore trappers to catch wild game, allowing them to re-sell the feral animals meat an skins for a profit. This type of magic is rather unique as it is a distortion or molding magic. Only it does not allow for creation, but manipulation of what already is. The user places their magic circle upon surfaces, these circles are activated when a foreign magic source enters their parameters or on whim of the caster. These circles distort whatever they've been placed upon, essentially morphing surfaces.
Strengths: Trap magic is a very deadly and overwhelming magic, if one is smart enough to wield it correctly. As it says, trap magic is based on trapping the opponent in various snares and attacks, so one must be clever about placing said traps. Placement and timing is everything with this magic, so think thoroughly on its' usage.
Weaknesses: What makes it great is also it's downfall. Paired with a master tactician, trap magic can overwhelm significantly greater odds. With a dunce it will fail remedially. It is based on perfect timing and placement, so it is a ambush-like magic. It is not meant to go head-to-head with other magics.


History: A humble upbringing. Raised in the Warth Woodlands, with his mother and father. They were poor and had few resources. His father, the one who taught the boy his magic, could barely afford to feed his family, while a decent mage, Sirano had an addiction to gambling. Often spilling his Jewels at the drop of a hat. They expected Bentham to fend for himself at an early age. So he did. Bentham ran wild, stealing when he could. Bentham had no true ties to his family, while they were there, they were never there for him.

The boy went about Fiore, a pick-pocket. Eating when he could, starving sometimes. Resentful of his family, giving him nothing but a magic. A magic that often help him survive. He could capture animals with this and have a feast from time to time. So it wasn't all drab. He was often shunned, never bathing or cutting his hair. People treated him like a stray.

Travels eventually took the boy to Era. There, a day was spent pick-pocketing. As he was cutting the purse of a women, her hand shot down to his. Shit, I'm busted. She pulled the boy off to the side, chastising him, even going as far to spank him. Though the punishment didn't end there, you little stray! She yelled. Dragging him back to her home. There she preceded to clean him up.

It was horrible, being a slave. Your going to work of your punishment! She had told him. This lady, Mira, owned a blacksmiths shop. At the beginning he had tried to escape, but found it harder than initially thought. She caught up to him, dragging Bentham right back. So there he was, stuck working for a dike of a blacksmith. It wasn't so bad, he supposed. She fed him at least.

When payment was finished, he found himself not wanting to leave. He weirdly fell in love with the craft, and looked up to Mira as a mother. He decided he would stay, and that was fine for a while. Until Mira got sick, and she was forced to close her shop. Eventually she died, leaving Bentham alone again. He was getting older now, nearly a man. His crafting skill and magic skill were reaching an apex. To hone your magic, seek a guild. His father had been apart of one, once. Before he turned to trash, and gambling ate away at him.

Bentham had joined a lower guild, Grey Wind it was known. Though Erebos came, and a guild war with them. The two guilds both weak, seeking renown for themselves. They fought, eventually Erebos came on top. Then they met, first foes. Persephone and Bentham found one another on the field of battle. The Erebos mage easily dispatching the boy, though he had spunk, and weirdly protested him when others fled. After Grey Wind was crushed, Persephone took the boy back with him. The boy that had caught his attention.

Rp Sample: You already know how I role-play.(I'm a preexisting member, AKA: Hole)
Face Claim: None

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PostSubject: Re: Bentham   Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:28 pm

Looks good! approved 1/2

Spells Learnt
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Missions Done
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PostSubject: Re: Bentham   Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:32 pm

like the magic

Spells Learnt
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PostSubject: Re: Bentham   

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