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 Get Our Name Out! (D-Rank)

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PostSubject: Get Our Name Out! (D-Rank)   Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:38 pm

Request name: Get Our Name Out!
Guild: Fairy Tail
Request rank: D
Client name: The guildmaster.
Objective: To spread Fairy Tail's name through the use of handing out flyers, showing off magic, and talking to people.
Location: Era
Posts: Any
Word Count: 1000+ total
Mages Required: Can be taken by up to five mages, does not all have to be at once just as long as the games are going.
Reward: 1500J
Request description: The mage will have to go out into Era among the people and spread the name of Fairy Tail and the mages from it competeing. You as the mage must go to three multiple places, The main cafateria, The park, and outside the areana. At each place the mage will have to do one out of three things A)Talk to three npcs about fairy tail (100 words each.) B) Show off their magic in the name of Fairy Tail. C) Speak to a crowd( must be at least 300 words) After the mage does one of the three at each location they may return to the Fairy Tail
Hotel in Era to claim their reward.
Request details:
The order that the mage goes to does not matter but the option they choose at each place will matter.
A)Talking to three Npcs
- The mage will meet three people there, Mary 35 from Clover town, Clark 56 from Hosenka, and Jerry 42 from Era. Mary will try to argue with you about Blue Pegasus, she is a die hard fan. Clark likes Sabertooth but thinks that there are some cool mages in all the guilds. And Jerry will be pretty indifferent thinking that any team could win over all.
B)Show off Magic
-The person that takes the request will have to make sure as to not hit anybody since the cafetera is rather croweded, meaning that no spells that are going to be shooting or disturbing the people are allowed. Doing this will prompt an npc to come over and complain to you. The mage will have to spend an extra post appolgizing to the main and conveincing them about how good Fairy Tail is.
c)Speak to a Crowd
-You must go to the back of the Cafateria since that is the only area to do it. In doing this you must have a conveincing speech on Fairy Tail, at least four senteces. If the mage does any less they must do a Q&A with the crowd at the end. There will be 2 NPC's, one says Fairy Tail are a bunch of trouble makers, another says they are weak. Must convience the NPCs otherwise..

2)The Park
A) Talk to three NPCs
-The person on the request must talk to Mike 56 Hosenka, Sherry 22 From Era , and Macy 30 from Magnolia. Mike will argue about Sabertooth being better but the other two will be pretty easy to sway.
B) Showing off Magic
-there will be a group of people gathered by the fountain. Just showing off any spell over rank E will impresse the crowd enough.
C)Talking to the crowd.
-Just talking to the crowd around the fountain will do does not take too much resitance.

3) Outside the arena
A) Talking to three NPCs.
-You will meet, Martian 24, George 25, and Steve 24. All are huge sabertooth fans and will make fun of you.
B)Showing off magic
- By doing this you'll auto cause several people to go cheer for fairy tail.
C)Talking to a crowd
- You'll have to give 3 good reasons on Fairy Tail. (not just being like Fairy tail is super cool)

Each place should be in it's own post, plus one to start the request. The final post can be used to close the request no need for a new post.

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Missions Done
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Get Our Name Out! (D-Rank)
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