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 Cleaning up the park... Jin's most difficult mission

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PostSubject: Cleaning up the park... Jin's most difficult mission   Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:41 pm

It was a boring day with nothing to do. Jin was in the park because he had a job to do because Raza thought he was being funny and took the request on Jin's behalf. He had almost gotten out of it too but once again he lost to the Exceed in rock, paper, scissors, "Dammit, why do I always lose? I always go rock! I have the strongest weapon but Raza keeps getting sneaky by choosing paper... that guy!" He was given a broom, a trash can, some gloves and was told to 'have at it'. Jin HATED cleaning and doing it for money didn't make it any easier, it made it worse because he couldn't just walk away from it. He looked at the dirty area, not too sure where to start. All he knew was that there was no way he was going to waste all day cleaning up the streamers and trash the normal method. No it was a time to use magic, the only way to get the job done quick enough to not interfere with his rigorous training. He scanned the area once again and an idea came into his head, 'What if I were just to burn it all, hehe! I'd be done in NO TIME!' Taking this thought into consideration Jin's eyes comically began to catch fire and he bore a wide mischievious grin. Without giving much more thought to any consequences he raised his left hand up close to his face and ignited it, laughing creepily as he did so, "Let the cleaning begin..... hehe..."

He went forward then blasted in every which way, letting his hand smash into and through garbage, incinerating it on impact. It was quite frightening to see garbage being cleaned and destroyed in such a wild manor. It was like all Jinchu saw was red, in his rampage he caught corners of benches, broke parts of some sidewalk and sent dirt flying. Who knew someone could be so good at pure destruction when all he wanted to do was find a quicker way to clean. At last he looked up, honing in on the streamers. It was like he didn't even see the trees, only the end of his job. He crouched, never taking his eyes off of them, this was his moment.... His time to get a sack full of hard-earned money. With flaring and wide punching actions the streamers were nowhere to be seen, but neither were all the branches that they rested on, charred and incinerated on impact. Jin dropped back down to earth, looking and the tree with a great many spaces and holes around them that weren't there before. He turned to see the rest of his park to realize he got every piece of garbage.. But it looked like a mini-hurricane went through it. Jin was shocked at this and looked both ways to see if anyone witnessed it... Not noticing anyone he quickly slithered away.

Showing up to the office desk he came in with the request paper. He had a quick exchange with the clerk and explained how he finished. The clerk was confused, the request was taken a mere twenty minutes ago and the park was at least a four minute walk away. Jin assured him on the honor of Fairy Tail that he got it done. He was given his reward but was told they were going to send someone to check to see if he was lying. Jinchu snatched the jewels up and nodded as he was about to leave. Just before passing through the door he spoke, "Charge all damages to Fairy Tail guild... HAHA!" After that he sprinted off, making sure he would keep his money before being able to hear a protest and keep his money.

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Cleaning up the park... Jin's most difficult mission
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