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 Darius Blackwood [wip]

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Darius Blackwood

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PostSubject: Darius Blackwood [wip]   Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:52 pm


Name:Darius Blackwood
Alias: The Black Bishop
Birthdate: 07-Feb
Special Characteristics:Darius has a tatoo of a king chess piece on his right shoulder
Personality:Darius is a calm, level-headed guy with high intelligence. He is has an indifferent attitude and there is little that can phase him. Most of the time, he wears a bored expression on his face and speaks in a curios, offhand manner. He can be a little arrogant because of the fact that he has a very high intelligence. The only time you actually see any emotion from him is if you catch him off-guard. He also gets a bit flustered when he sees women in revealing clothing. He also gets a dangerous glint in his eyes if you ask him about anything personal
Likes:Darius likes to play chess because it relaxes it him and is also the source of his magic. He likes to eat sweet foods because it reminds him of home. His favorite animal is the raven because it is dark, handsome and mysterious. He likes to solve puzzles because he enjoys the challenge and help him to become smarter. Darius also loves music because it soothes him and is very inspiring. His favorite type of music is classical and rock.
Dislikes: Darius dislikes dark guilds than anything else in the world because of how much trouble the caused him and his family. He also dislikes random violence because he finds it stupid and without a point. He doesn’t like spiders because he sees them as “creepy blood-sucking monsters” (and yet he isn’t scared of vampires). He doesn’t like anyone who is as smart as him because he sees them as a potential threat.
Motivations: Darius's one and only motivation is to become one of the strongest mages in Fiore and show those who looked down on him what he has become
Fears:He is scared of spiders. He is scared of the possibilty of someone being smarter than him. Darius also is afraid to lose because he wants to be successful at everything he does.

General Appearance

Height:5" 8'
Weight:185 lbs.
Hair:His hair is black with purple steaks in it. It is long and has a "I just got out of bed" look to it.
Skin Tone:Darius has a light skin tone that is slightly pale from being in the cold.
Appearance:Darius has black hair with purple streaks it it. He has a handsome face and a light slightly pale skint tone. Usually, he wears a black sleeveless shirt with a high upturned collar(similar to what Shino Aburame wears), ripped jeans, and combat boots. His usual clothing is always all black. When going to a festival, he wears a black suit, with a purple tie and makes his hair neater.


Guild: Lamia Scales
Tattoo:On his right hand and it is the color purple


Primary Magic:Chess Magic
Secondary Magic: N/A
Caster or Holder:Holder
Description: Chess magic is a holder type magic similar to celestial magic. The user has magic chess pieces that summons the spirit of the piece. Like celestial magic you have to collect the pieces one at a time and can either earn them, buy them, or find them. Chess magic allows you to carry the amount of pieces that is in a regular chess game (8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, and 1 king or queen depending on what your gender is). The pieces are also classified in rank. Pawns are D-rank, Rooks are C-rank, Knights are B-rank, and the King/Queen is S-rank. The pieces have individual powers too. Pawns having enhanced fighting abilities. Rooks have super human strength. Knights can change to form of their swords to fit their needs. Bishops can use magic. And the king or queen can do a little of everything the lesser pieces can do. This magic also applies by the same rules as chess. For example, if Darius attacks an opponent with his pawn, then he has to wait till an opponent finishes their turn to attack before he can attack again. There are also 2 types of chess pieces. White chess pieces are high on defense and black pieces are high on offense. Darius only uses black pieces. In the beginning you can only send in one piece at a time, but when you get stronger and higher in rank, you can summon multiple pieces. Here are the pieces below:
Strengths:It is useful in one vs. many battles. It is also good for protecting the holder from attacks heading toward him.
Weaknesses:Chess Magic is weak against Celestial Magic because they are evenly matched. It is weak against Dragon Slayer Magic because dragons were always stronger than the castle back in the old days. Just like any other magic it is weak against Neutralizer Magic. Also, if an opponent was to win against a chess piece, that piece can no longer be used until either Darius or the opponent wins.


History:Darius Blackwood was born in Magnolia Town but when he was a baby, his parents packed a lived on the road; traveling from place to place and making do with what they have. They kept traveling on the road as performers. His father could multiple things on his head without it toppling over and his mother was a skilled water mage who could create beautiful and brilliant images out of water. Darius didn’t have a talent but he saw that he was very intelligent up to the point that he could have an intelligent conversation with an adult. His parents noticed this and decided that he did have a talent. They taught him how to play so he could play against others and win their money. Darius loved the game because it was exciting and very strategic. His feelings for the game turn to magic. Darius developed the new original magic called Chess Magic with the help of his mother’s friend who was a Celestial Mage. It was a very good moment in his life but it didn’t last long. When he was eleven years old, members of a dark guild came to his parents’ performance and forced them to give up their money from the show. They also took all of Darius’s chess pieces; only his pawn remained. From then on, the members of that dark guild kept showing up at the show and took all the money they earned. Times got tougher and Darius’s mother decided that it was time to fight back. She and her friend, the Celestial Mage, attacked the guild members. They won but they had brought on the wrath of the entire dark guild. The family went into hiding and stayed hidden for a long time. When Darius was seventeen, he decided that he wanted to go off on his own so he could become a mage. His parents let him go hoping he would return one day. He set off to join Lamia Scale since his mother once belonged to that guild. Nobody knew where Lamia Scale was but his mother did. Before Darius left, his mother gave him detailed instruction on where to go. Darius traveled for 3 months. During the first month, he went into a town so he could restock on supplies. Darius noticed some thieves in the back of the shop. Darius stopped the thieves by calling his pawn to grab them. He went off on the road again with double the supplies, thanks to the shop manager. Later on, he helped a girl named Lilinette Desmont. She was surrounded by men and they looked like they were trying to have their way with her. He used his pawn to fight of the men since the only thing they were using as a weapon was daggers and swords. She had run away but before she did, she told Darius her name. The other two months was spent walking to Lamia Scale. Finally, he arrived at the door of the guild.
Rp Sample: (A piece of how you RP. About 200-250 words)
Face Claim:Dark Mousy(DN Angel)

Sorry dude... but looks like its Checkmate for me...
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Akua Pura

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PostSubject: Re: Darius Blackwood [wip]   Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:28 pm


You have one weeks to reply to this saying whether your working on your character, scrapping your character, or whatever, before this gets Archived


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Darius Blackwood [wip]
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