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 Christiane-Gael Danois et Marie LaChapelle

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PostSubject: Christiane-Gael Danois et Marie LaChapelle   Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:23 am

Character Template



Name: Christiane-Gael Danois et Marie LaChapelle
Alias: Mademoiselle Enfant Perdu
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate: 25th of February
Sexuality: Pan-romantic
Special Characteristics: A mild case of hyperopia have left her eyes more than capable at long distances, but severely lacking when it comes to reading or studying anything up close. While she detests it, when it is necessary, she will embellish her eyes with rimless glasses. They lack the features of normal eye wear which would detract from her own grace, her own beauty.

Ironically, her upbringing as the next water dragon slayer has given her superb sight at incredibly long distances, tapering off the closer the target is to her eyes. While this gives her almost unparalleled sight thanks to her ability to pick up even the most minute traces of light, Christiane-Gael has a sensitivity towards excessive amounts of light. A lesson she learned when she was fooled into looking at the sun by her own curiosity. In terms of benefits, it does making staying out at night far easier, even without light.

As another unfortunate side effect of being the water dragon slayer, Christiane-Gael has an unfortunate allergic reaction to riding on transportation of any kind. While she can normally restrain herself, it won't be long before she starts to feel dizzy, succumbing to feelings of indigestion, flushed skin, and blurred vision. More of an annoyance than anything, but still uncomfortable nonetheless.

Personality: A sweet girl with the maturity of an experienced woman, one everyone wants to know. Kind, courteous, an excellent conversationalist, an immaculate being who descends upon humanity once in their lifetime. If only that were true, those pitiful souls. Christiane-Gael's personality is the product of perfect happiness, of undeniable sadness, of guiltless abuse, coming full circle with her upbringing in the Chapel where she was raised to be the next mistress.

When she is happy, her smile can brighten up even the darkest of days. But when she is truly happy, she can be such a child it's almost unbelievable. A sight rarely seen by anyone, especially not those within the Chapel. Dancing, singing, playing, frolicking in mud-stained dresses, true happiness is something she appreciates fully. And while it is rarely seen by anyone, it is because happiness is scarce for Christiane-Gael.

While she is always joyful, though never uncontrollable jubilant, Christiane-Gael is never allowed to be anything lower than morose. When she needs to cry, she covers it by grating her teeth; when she just wants to break down, she rejects that feeling by studying something, anything; when she thinks about the deaths of her parents, she turns her sorrow into rage, the faces of all those present at the cathedral that day on the 28th of February. A silent rage, empty, apathetic, but boiling her insides near the point of steam. Those present at the cathedral, the children who caused her great misery just because of who her mother was, what she would do to them if she ever saw them again.

Everything about her is about control, for she is the next leader of her Chapel, and she must set the example. Yet, above all, she possesses an almost insatiable curiosity. From reading books about geography, history, of numbers and their uses, of architectural theories, philosophy, she must know about it. Most disturbingly, to others at least, is her love of studying human physiology, chemicals which affect it, and the various anomalies called mutations. She most specifically finds mutations fascinating, becoming giddy with excitement at the thought of meeting a human being with a mutation. Nevertheless, as the future leader of her Chapel, she has thus far been unable to passionately pursue this hobby of her.

While this would point to a possible future career in medicine, her hobby has taken her in the opposite direction. As those who are victims of her education can most attest, she has little to no knowledge of the meaning of the word empathy. In all honesty, Christiane-Gael finds those passages so dull, preferring to speed through them in order to thoroughly enjoy the idea of the theories of suffering and such.

This is what she has learned from the Chapel, what people expected her to turn out like because of her heritage. Christiane-Gael has become what they all expected of her. An amoral patron with the most vicious soul and a scathing poison in her very blood, affecting all who dare to make contact.


Human physiology – The study of the human body fascinates her, excites her to the point of being unable to focus until her curiosity has been fully satisfied. While this would normally entail the study of cadavers or just a lecture from a more experienced medical professional, Christiane-Gael is educated in a less than normal method. Being a bright young girl, she quickly grasps most of the concepts; however, for questions such as ”How I wonder what the womb of a pregnant woman looks like eight months into her pregnancy...” It requires a bit more invasive, usually coerced, procedure.

Creative arts – Perhaps it was in her blood, or perhaps it was nurtured within her as she grew, who knows. But the truth of the matter is, Christiane-Gael truly enjoys her creative hobbies. The sound of her own music vibrating through the thin air gives her a sense of self-satisfaction, a way for her to express her feelings in a controlled manner; though she is equally skilled in the flute and the violin, she enjoys the violin far more for its grace and enigmatic sounds. Besides that, it is also far more versatile than the flute, in her opinion. Then there is her hand-written art, able to make a simple letter look so elegant, turning someone's name into a drawing with a simple laborious effort in mind and body. Usually for personal pleasure, sometimes because it's quite hilarious to innocently gaze upon the sight of someone who realizes there name can appear to be something so lewd.

Courage – The memories of the past, though long gone, still reverberates freshly in her mind. Specifically, that of one the only man she has ever truly respected. His valor was unmatched by any and all, being able to hold an entire bridge by himself if need be. His roar tore apart even the most valiant of hearts, his heavenly resolve ripped through even the most vigorous of challenges. His courage, his undying loyalty, for such a handsome man even. Even today, she finds such displays of courage, genuine or not, entertaining if not outright enchanting.

Cold, damp rooms – Her long time spent in the stone walls and dark halls of the Chapel of Forgotten Saints have accustomed her to its cold, damp atmosphere. The chill she gets every night, the shiver she makes when she wakes, the general uneasiness of walking through the narrowest of corridors day in and day out. One could say she can't do without it now, finding it difficult to sleep in even a cool, moist room.

Theory and application – Her learning has created a love of the numerous theories she has found. Game theory, mitigation of suffering, force multiplication, deception, etc. She finds that no matter the outcome, someone gets hurt. No more how hard people try to find a way to reduce suffering, someone always suffers in the end. She finds it amusing. Even more so when she learns of the various attempts to prove the theory correct, only to backfire on them terribly. A good giggle can be found in her chambers every night from these stories. On the flip-side, the same giggle can be found from her learning of successful applications and the lessons learned.


Children – Her memories of these people are still fresh. Like salt applied to open wounds, the thought and sight of these things burn the sockets of her eyes. Cruel little things, so young but containing so much potential in their frail little bodies to do so much harm. If she could, she would avoid them at all costs. But, as necessity demands of her, she can put up with them. Her limit so far is a mere three hours.

Armor – The cacophonous sound of metal grinding at the joints, the clanging from taking even a tiny step. How ugly, how disgusting, but how painful it is to hear. She was once cornered with the only people she truly loved by people in almost skinless armor, the very people who demanded so much, threatened so greatly, only to receive a reward they would only enjoy once. For people so protected by such a powerful piece of equipment, they still band together so shamelessly against two people with nothing but the clothes on their back. Cowards.

Secrets – Secrets, secrets, so many possibilities, so many consequences positive and negative. To Christiane, all she can think of are the negatives. Though she admits they are necessary, the thought that someone is hiding something perturbs her immensely, causing her to suspect any and all. They all hide something, and hiding something usually means something terrible will come about from its revelation.

Sunlight – So natural, so illuminating, so beautiful. Christiane-Gael hates it. It is one of the greatest liars of this world, demanding people bend to its beck and call. To wake when it raises, to sleep when it leaves. Another reason she so prefers the interior of her Chapel. It is where the sun cannot reach, no matter how hard it tries.

Beautiful people – Her mother and father are two of the only people she has ever fully trusted in every way possible. The last advice her mother gave to Christiane-Gael rings true to this day as much as it did with her last dying words. Beautiful people lie, the more beautiful they are, the better they are at lying. To this day, Christiane-Gael still guards herself cautiously against any and all she perceives to have some sort of beauty.


Leadership – It has been her driving goal ever since being taken by the Chapel members to become their next mistress. To become a proud, unshakable mistress who can lead the Chapel to a better tomorrow, so that they may one day welcome their beloved saint back into the world one day. The followers of her faith shall raise in number again, just as soon as she grows powerful enough. When her strength has reached it near apex, she will unlock the secrets of the Chapel, and take the official mantle of leadership.

Artificial life – A mere hobby, but an important one nonetheless. Discussion about life and the creation of life interested, part of the reason she finds mutation so intriguing. If life is so easily recreated, why then are there mutations, she would ask. If possible, she would like to try and create artificial life of some form. From there, she could possibly attempt to create artificial intelligence, and eventually a self-sustaining being. What a glorious day that would be.

Vengeance – She still remembers them, each and every one of them. Men clad in armor clanging for her father's head or his daughter in exchange. Masked men and women demanding her mother hand over her secrets to the Chapel or deal with protecting her daughter from hostile attempts forever. If she finds them, if they are that unlucky, she will show them what a daughter scorned is able to do.

Precious memories – Her travels as a little girl all throughout the nation has left memories eternal to her and only to her. Little objects of little to no value, areas of interest to her and only her, shacks, trees, lakes, rivers, carved wood art. Especially the carved art of her childhood. To find them is a hobby known only to herself, to bring one to her with no want of self-reward or her informing, is to be put on her good graces for as long as the deed remains in her memories.


Leadership – As much as she has accepted her role and waits anxiously for the day she can unlock the full potential of her Chapel, she finds the thought absolutely terrifying. She would be put in charge of the followers of the patron saint of her Chapel, each and every single one of them. They would all listen to her, yet she wouldn't trust them. They all have the potential to betray, to lie, to hurt her. She has searched long and wide for successes of past leaders to avoid that particular pitfall, to little progress so far.

Speaking – Though she is talented to conversing with others, the idea both disgusts and perturbs her. She has to talk to people, speaking words she doesn't truly feel but say them anyways to please the opposition. If she could, she'd stay by herself in the Chapel, with no interruptions while she pursued her likes and fancies. If only she lived in the perfect world, but she lives in the world where she is to be the next mistress. That is the world she lives in, as decreed by those above.

The Chapel – It's secrets, it's many secrets. Even the one she must eventually unseal. There's so many. The followers of the Chapel, her room, the clammy stone walls, the hard cobbled floors, the dark corners. As used to it as she is now, she still finds it horribly disheartening. Especially the sounds coming from the chambers where she will one day enter when she is strong enough. If she didn't know any better, it was calling out to her.

Areas of worship – An ironic fear, one she is aware of, but exists nonetheless. Despite her status as the future mistress of her own Chapel, an area of worship in itself, Christiane has the almost child-like idea that staying too long in another area of worship will cause her to burn, combustive and in lasting pain, exploding into little bits and pieces of her former self. Entering one causes noticeable changes in her, from her manner of moving becoming hesitant and slowed, to her speech turning clumsy, into a higher-pitch with her inability to manipulate it back. The longer she stays, the worse her symptoms become.

General Appearance

Height: 5'5"
Weight: Fluctuates between 97 and 115 Lbs.
Hair: Brilliantly golden in hue, tinted just slightly by light to look a heavenly platinum, Christiane-Gael's hair is resilient, substantial, bangs long enough to reach her collarbone and normally wrapped twin ponytails going just past her waist. Soft to the touch, sweet to smell if Christiane-Gael has any choice in the matter, it aids in her image of a divine being.
Eyes: A polished set of amber colored eyes adorns the pupils of her eyes. Still possessing the innocence of childhood, the gleam of a little baby, one can find something empty if one stares long enough. Her thin, brilliant eyebrows along with her thick long eyelashes further compliment her eyes, along with hiding the emptiness hidden within.
Skin Tone: A pale, sickly shade so long as she spends much of her time away from the sun. Luck, or divine intervention having gifted her with the genetics to stay away from natural light and still keep her polished texture. Furthermore, exposure to the rays of the sun can slowly turn her skin more and more olive, with her maximum skin tolerance being brown before turning utterly red and burning.
Appearance: Seeming to possess the body of a girl who does nothing but stay in her room and study all day long, she doesn't look like the most fit person in the world. In reality, it is the image everyone wants to see of the beautiful frail girl they just have to protect. In reality, Christiane-Gael is physically fit from her time in Tartaros, having a gymnast's body with a ballet dancer's grace. Tight arms capable of supporting her body weight, thighs far larger than her calves but not enough to overtake her paltry hips. Christiane-Gael's is tight to support her athletic movements, movements she practices in the hours of darkness whenever possible despite her overbearing bust. If not for her tightened back from practicing her dragon slayer craft, her spine would be uncomfortable every second of the day. For most people, the face is what they notice first. Her face is just a bit smaller proportionate to the rest of the body; a smooth chin, a set of petite ears, her cheeks being somewhat baby-like in appearance as they hide her cheekbones.

In terms of clothing, she chooses them based around her almost sickeningly pale skin from lack of direct contact with sunlight. For a contrasting appearance, a dark top and a white bottom; or to really tempt men and women alike to sin in such a way to be unforgivable, a skin-tight gown with little imagination left to eyes all over. While the Chapel provided and taught her to wear outfits fitting of a mistress, their style of fashion is a bit out of date, resulting in Christiane-Gael sometimes appearing out of place in modern times. Even utilizing outdated techniques when applying make-up, needlessly causing pain to herself when far easier methods have been invented. Nevertheless, she holds her head high, chest thrust out in pride no matter what she has on. Even if it turns out to be nothing more then a mere nightgown.

That is what most will see and know Christiane-Gael as. In order to allow her ease of movement as Christiane-Gael and avoid unfortunate complications for her Chapel, she masquerades as Madamoiselle Enfant Perdu whenever shes either utilizies her magic whenever possible, or prances around the guild. Wearing an old fashioned military maiden's dress outfit with the addition of a plain eggshell white opera mask to cover the top half of her face. At this point, her only identifying markers would be her clearly visible eyes, her hair, and the lower half of her face. Those more clever than the average person should be able to put two and two together, but people always believe what they want to believe.

And, always, always, always found on her body is a crucifix cross created from copper, tinted in iron, and given a smooth obsidian finish. Even as Mademoiselle Enfant Perdu. Fashioned to appear sacred, supernatural, transcendent, the wings of an angel form the horizontal axis of the cross while the body of a fish seep into the vertical axis. Hung around her neck with a fragile little red string, a hole on the sides of the upper end of the cross pierced through to allow this, Christiane keeps it hidden within her top when indoors. Outside, any and all can see it as plain as the girl in front of them.


Guild: Tartaros
Guild Tattoo: Centered around her navel | Set to be the same color as the guild's standard
Rank: D-Rank [Basic]


Magic: Water Dragon Slayer, Lessons from the Deep
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: The lost magic of the dragons, taught to humans they've deemed worthy enough to learn the magic capable of killing dragons. From the dragon of the deep sea, Airetikos, Christiane-Gael's mother, her mother's mother, and the mistresses of the Chapel before them all learned their magic from Airetikos, including Christiane-Gael herself.

From Airetikos, Christiane-Gael has learned how to use water as a means of defense, of aggression. Combining the propensity of water dragons to use their environment as a means of maneuvering and their own ability to generate and manipulate water, Christiane-Gael is swift, subtle, and sneaky; qualities inherent in water dragon slayer magic. From the consumption of water, to the expulsion, control, and generation, it focuses on precision and control rather than destruction and power. After all, to kill a water dragon is more than to splash it with water, it take thinking, and acting like them to complete the unholy deed.

As of right now, with Airetikos long missing, Christiane-Gael has found herself without a mentor to further cultivate her magic. While Tartaros is a more than capable substitute, it behooves her to seek an actual water dragon to further develop her dragon slayer magic.

Strengths: Water is one of natures most destructive forces should it ever be given the opportunity. Hurricanes, typhoons, they can cause far more death and destruction than a mere wildfire can. But water is also the very thing life requires to survive, a tool, a means of murder for the sake of others or oneself. With her magic, Christiane-Gael can consume water to heal herself, somewhat solidify them, cool it to a close to a near freezing temperature, or heat it up to a boiling temperature. Even with all these options, Christiane-Gael still prefers using smaller, limited in size spells in order to maximize their efficiency and save her own energy. Fastidious even in the face of injury and/or death, Christiane-Gael utilizes her magic to its apex of utility when she is away from close quarters, but she is capable of using her magic to defend herself in those situations for a time.

Over elements historically deemed to be weak against water, such as fire, she still sticks to her slow and steady methodology, believing haste will get her nowhere. And against water mages, as long as she can consume them, Christiane-Gael should have little to fear.

Weaknesses:On the other hand, despite water having so many different forms, Christiane-Gael can only utilize the liquid state whether it be hot or cold. Meaning magic that can change her water's properties away from liquid will remove her ability to control them again. What's more, if she isn't careful, she may find its conducive properties help electricity travel through it far more quickly than she'd like; even through her if she isn't careful. As for her own water, as much as she would absolutely adore consuming water she is quite sure came from the junkyard of the deep seas, Christiane-Gael cannot consume her own water to heal herself and revitalize herself for battle.



She never had a chance, not now, not as she was growing up, especially not since she was born. It isn't fair, nor is it right, but that is all heaven has decreed it. Her father, Isaac Dane, was a miscreant, a malevolent man, but a man of heroic virtue whether or not others believed it. The love of his life was a woman of incredible moral standards, a lady all others should model themselves after; except, she was truly a wretch, a vile woman, but also a faithful villainous to her beloved. They called her Mademoiselle Giselle-Michel Marie LaChapelle, Mademoiselle for ease. By a miracle of divine will, the command of those above led Isaac to the Chapel of Forgotten Saints in search of medical attention and shelter. Sparks flew, flames ignited, and so began a three year long affair between the mistress of the chapel and a common sword-for-hire, culminating in Giselle's impregnation with their precious Christiane-Gael. Leaving the chapel together, they sought safety in the mountains, lost isles, in the distant corners of Fiore, all to leave both their lives behind and care for their new child. Isaac from those who wanted his head for his time as a mercenary casanova; Giselle from all those who want the secret of the chapel for themselves. And yet, for all their efforts, they found themselves stranded, corner, all for naught as both their enemies demanded more and more from them. Giselle, unwilling to part with the chapel's secrets, and Isaac, unable to satisfy the desires of the children of men he had killed in the past, could scarcely bare to give in to their demands. Giselle was bound by a oath, Isaac by personal honor; no matter how much they loved their daughter, they could not break neither oath nor honor. With no choice, their backs to the walls of the cathedral of Isaac's birth, a painful decision in order to give Christiane-Gael an ordinary life, the confronted the crowd together. With one blade they left little Christiane-Gael an orphan at the tender age of six.

At first it was fine, Christiane-Gael felt hateful, resentful of all those who had made her parents choose death over life. Those who wanted the chapel's secrets, those who wanted vengeance for her father's past crimes; she would remember all their faces. She would remember her mother's last advice, “Don't trust any man or woman, especially if they're beautiful. The more beautiful they are, the better they are at lying. Your dear mother should know, she lied to your father all these years...” But times were good, she was taken in by an absolutely divine Father of the cathedral. She would be raised in his care, she would forget it one day, forget and be happy once more. Sadly, even as Isaac's true nature as a hero spilled out, so too did Giselle's villainous extracurricular activities. Hated for her mother's wicked actions behind the curtains of virtue, Christiane-Gael faced ridicule, bullying, a social pariah to the children of the cathedral. Feeling guilty at his own inability to help this poor child, the Father sent her on a caravan towards to chapel in the distant rural areas. Yet, to his great sickening sorrow, the caravan was found with pieces of horses, wood, and people strewn all over the side of the road. Even on his death bed, he had honestly believed he had sent poor Christiane-Gael to her doom.

A mere ploy by the heretical followers of the Chapel of Forgotten Saints. Seeking the daughter of the former mistress of their Chapel, they had faked the deaths of all in the caravan, save Christiane-Gael. Besides inheriting her mother's gorgeous appearance, even at such a young, innocent age, they followers of the Chapel had quite a few glimmers of suspicion that she had also inherited her Giselle's magic, the only way to unlock the secrets of the Chapel. Guiding her, twisting her, they molded her into the next mistress of the Chapel. Its seedy history and its enigmatic foundation kept hidden from the world despite Giselle's unfortunate unveiling as a the absolute incarnation of the devil, Christiane-Gael grew the way the Chapel had expected. Just as intelligent, gifted in music, talented in calligraphic writing, proficient in conversation, and lovely in personality. Fortunately, for the Chapel, she also grew to have the same depraved core as her mother, along with an ever so growing magic thanks to the good graces of Airetikos. The relationship between dragon and Christiane-Gael was odd, to say the least. They tolerated each other, accepted the existence of one another, but they both knew why Christiane-Gael was being taught a magic to kill dragons; specifically, water dragons. It was a deal from long ago, long before Christiane-Gael was even born, even longer than Giselle-Michel. In return for their continued loyalty and devotion, the water dragons would shower their powers onto one woman to keep them all safe, or so the story goes.

But it was not enough. The Chapel knew that. They needed Christiane-Gael to grow stronger, her current magical strength being insufficient to completely unseal the Chapel and hear the voice of their saint once more. Though loathe to do so, being unprecedented even, but with Airetikos missing, the Chapel formulated a plan to induct Christiane-Gael into the Tartaros dark guild as Mademoiselle Enfant Perdu. Christiane-Gael was less than pleased with this, resisting in the most acceptably passive-aggressive manner possible. It was only after realizing her own inexperience when it came to the world that Christiane-Gael fully accepted the Chapel's wisdom, even enacting plans of her own to be accepted by Tartaros.

First, they had to create an image for Mademoiselle Enfant Perdu. She had to be intelligent, calm, classy, and possess a magic Tartaros would deem valuable. Most of which Christiane-Gael publicly had. Secondly, they had to advertise her to Tartaros somehow, sending Enfant Perdu into situations to get Tartaros to notice her. It took months of meticulous planning to ensure Enfant Perdu would be considered a separate person from Christiane-Gael, to get Tartaros to notice her and take the water dragon slayer under their wing. With hours upon hours of prayer, stubbornness, and Enfant Perdu's dragon slayer magic exhibition in front of Tartaros, their plan was a success. Even without Airetikos, Christiane-Gael would have a guild to mentor her, the help her grow in power.

To Christiane-Gael's great pleasure, her hobbies are more or less tolerated within Tartaros, so long as she is discreet about it. To date, she is absolutely enjoying her time in the dark guild, if only because of the freedom she receives from being away from the Chapel. Not as many responsibilities, different rules, but liberating and enchanting all the same. In return, all she must do is use her dragon slayer magic in Tartaros' name. An unspoken contract she can accept readily.

Related NPC's

Gender: Male
Height and Weight: 14'3” fully stretched | 1740 Lbs
Description: An angry looking, slender water dragon with slight hovering capabilities from its small wings. He loathes humans, considering himself far superior to them despite willingly teaching Water Dragon Slayer Magic to the mistresses of the Chapel one generation after another.

Gender: Female
Height and Weight: 25'9” on her hind legs | 4123 Lbs
Description: She looks relatively humanoid sans the digitigrade legs, the fins, the reptilian face, and her large size. Calm and collected even though her appearance suggests otherwise, she adores watching humans scramble around as if their existence has a meaning. Unlike Airetikos, Apostasia treats the humans who approach her with dignity, even if her intentions are less than dignified.

Gender: Female
Height and Weight: 79'7” fully stretched | Predicted to be 18.32 tons
Description: Possibly the most gigantic dragons ever, making her home in the deepest, darkest pits of the ocean. Possessing squid-like tentacles and large eyes she usually keeps closed unless she needs them, Megathirio possesses an ego twice her size, but the intellect twice and a half to keep it in check.

Rank: D
Gender: Female
Height and Weight: 12.67 inches | 7.97 Lbs
Description: Like master, like Exceed, Nanine has the same sweet, adorable appearance of her master. In public, she rarely speaks, being seen but not heard; however, in private, she actively advises and assists Christiane-Gael in matters relating to the Chapel and her activities with Tartaros thanks to reading as much as Christiane-Gael about matters of the physical and social world. Personally, Nanine finds Christiane-Gael frightening, staying only because this is the only life she has ever known.

Aera Magic

RP Sample:

Simple, elegant, perfect. Her handwriting is a thing of beauty. ”Little Marceline, what do you think of my calligraphy?” a petite voice questioned the visibly shaking handmaiden, obediently staying in her little dark corner in her little modest maid outfit until called upon. Trembling out of the safety of darkness, she peered over the shoulder of her gorgeous mistress, a mistress she noticed is sporting a lovely black and white bodice along with a ornately decorated prairie skirt.. Hugging her arms, her chest, and her waist tightly, it left little to the imagination; fortunately, the neck and chest area was loose enough to give her room to breathe. Her mistress had wrapped her hair into two separate pigtails behind back, as always, letting it cling freely to her upper back. Her eyebrows had been carefully trimmed, her lashes massaged until they looked just dark enough, lips rubbed with lipstick until they turned a lovely violet hue.; Marceline took note or how she still manages to take care of her appearance so well despite being an utter shut-in.

”Again, what do you think of my calligraphy? Oh, do you like my outfit little Marceline so much you can't answer?” Christiane interrogated her slowly, letting Marceline's own terror take hold of her first. As much as Marceline holds Christiane in the highest of respect, Marceline has heard stories of Christiane's curiosities. ”No, of course not! I, I mean, yes! Your outfit is indeed lovely, and your calligraphy superb as always.” Marceline replied to Christiane in a panic, retreating into herself as she glanced at Christiane leaving her seat, beckoning Marceline with her finger to follow her.

Close behind her mistress, carrying a candle for light, Christiane led her towards her personal classroom. Christiane, having been used to these dank and dreary halls, can walk through them blindfolded if she found the urge. Marceline on the other hand, she needed light to work. Behind these stone walls held secret, and within Christiane's own classroom accommodated the sick fancies of a nineteen year old girl who has left the walls of this Chapel perhaps once, twice, three times at most since her arrival. She could do nothing but cover her gasp, her eyes glared in shock at the sight on the table. ”Marceline, tell me. Of these two feet, which do you think is the man's, and which the woman's? Do please, pray tell. I tried figuring it out for myself, but to not avail. Oh? Marceline! Pay attention to the feet, not the bodies!” Christiane heavily scolded Marceline, to which she desperately attempted to respond, ”I'm sorry! I, I don't know. Perhaps the man's feet is larger?” Pausing to reflect on Marceline's answer, Christiane turned to examine the two feet. One is indeed larger than the other, but the insides are nearly identical.

Feeling satisfied, Christiane waved a scampering Marceline away. Grabbing a nearby candle of her own, she quickly lit it while looking at the two bodies she had acquired. So inexperienced, she thought of herself. A mere handmaiden knew the obvious answer to a question she herself pondered since the night before. An uncomfortable thought for Christiane. Leaving the candle lit, she stayed in her classroom, rummaging through books on the human body all through the night.

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Sorry x.x I didn't realize that this was done. Approved 1/2

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Way to be quite thorough~ (o-o)
I have no other comments!

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Christiane-Gael Danois et Marie LaChapelle
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