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 Babysitting For A Beauty

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PostSubject: Babysitting For A Beauty   Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:28 pm

Another dreary day within Shirotsume had slowly begun to unravel itself. There had been a familiar streak of chilling winds bustling throughout the town of late, each acting more mercilessly than its predecessor. Nevertheless, they served the purpose of hinting fall's approach, the season that is. Of course they weren't alone in the task though, not when everything else in natures clutches decided to cooperate. The trees began shredding there golden leaves, flowers that were one brazen and in bloom were slowly reverting back to their dull state, and the grass just didn't appear very lively. Though this was to be expected, and quite frankly it couldn't simply be changed without disruption of mother nature. Most the residence of shirotsume, while not exactly taken with the idea of a cold era approaching, understood that it had to be done and so did work. It was times like this the town met it's busiest days. Everyone simply wanted to do a overhaul for the impending holidays, the revenue would be needed to ensure some pleasant memories, or at least shut the whining children up for a few weeks.

Along a rather crowded roadway which led to Shirotsume's station, Drayven found himself forging halfhearted strides towards his destination. He'd been assigned a mission, to be painfully honest, he'd selected it himself. Though fate had played a bigger role in his selection than actual commitment. He set out to take a mission to sate his boredom but instead embarked upon a sea of opportunity, he decided that if he read them all a decision might have come steep, thus he randomly selected a request. It was a simple job that held nothing more than entertaining a child in its description, and how hard could it be to amuse a kid? Still, before the true task could be met Drayven needed to rendezvous with the child's mother. Which as it turns out, remained the sole reason he took to the the crammed road to begin with.

Time whipped by rather quickly, and finally Drayven had reached the appointed location of the arranged meeting, albeit at his own leisure. It was rather crazy to think of him being on time after his display of idle travel, however, he wasn't a second off from the agreed time. Though any man as polished as Drayven would be punctual, it was somewhat like a 'packaged deal'. At any rate Drayven was there, which left him only the task of finding the woman who had offer the job. He glanced both to his left and his right in search of someone who fit the description of an exhausted mother, though in the end his efforts were only rewarded by the sight of a rather attractive young woman. Drayven knew better than to mingle pleasure with work, but then again he was admittedly imperfect and questioned what harm could come from mild flirtation? "Forgive me for the sudden interference with your day my dear princess, however I couldn't help but notice your pale expression. Why, I'm certain a dame as beautiful as yourself must be under some heavy stress to leave that sparkling face clouded in worry.", Drayven announced with a harmonic tone as if he were singing. He moved elegantly towards the woman while he spoke, pausing only once he'd come directly before her. "Now, how about we solve both our problems, hmm? I'll grant you some happiness and all I need from you in return is assistance in finding a mother who needs freedom from her child for a bit. Deal?"

Startled, the woman quickly placed a palm against her chest while gasping. Her face had gone pale beyond recognition, at it took a few moments before she could summon the strength to respond with words. "Oh?! Dear me..." She exclaimed while looking Drayven up and down. She blushed a bit, his words finally sinking in as well as his charming look. As an older woman she felt smitten that such a young man would openly flirt with her, it was assurance her beauty hadn't withered away yet and she clung to that tightly. In fact her eyes lit up big and brightly while she basked in Drayven's compliments, that is until he mentioned the 'mother & child' case. "Oh! Wait! You're the mage who took my request? Wow." Her words came out with genuine surprise, and she the she fought not to, she'd even submitted a childish giggle due to the coincidence of it all.

"Ah, I see you're a young lass with a golden sense of humor, but come now we mustn't make game of my situation. That's naughty." The thought of such a youthful woman being a mother was exiled from Drayven's mind. He would have none of it even though he knew it was a plausible scenario. He silently hoped it was a joke, but knew if it wasn't he'd still be on the prowl.

"Honestly... I really am the woman responsible for the request.", she managed, barely, between taut lips. Her face was flushed, a bit of embarrassment and being generally shy. She felt inadequate suddenly, as if once she was found to be a mother she'd instantly become hideous. The very thought made her turn away from him, ashamed she'd even taken his compliments to heart.

"You know, you look even more beautiful when your flustered. Don't doubt yourself my fair princess, your beauty can not be denied. This is a decree from me. You are the lightning the roams the clouds, too innocent to harm the land below, but magnificent to behold. A fitting smile swept over his face as he finished. Perceptive as he was, Drayven understood her feelings. At times, though she had her love, he saw such emotion in his mother. It pinched him from the inside and he didn't like it one bit. "Fate has guided us here, I have been elected to assist you after all. Perhaps I can't make you smile, but I will certainly entertain your offspring as compensation. Where is the blessed child by the way?"

Clutching onto every word that passed his lips, she suddenly felt light headed. Her face was as red as a ripe tomato and she took quite some time to align her composure. "My name is Anne. We stay in that home just across the road, so just let yourself in. He should be distracted with a game for now, but it never last long. Ummm... I need to really go-- so bye!" Her words came together as one solid mass and without a second thought she ran off.

Amusement for the child

The unusual meeting between Anne and Drayven himself had long ended. Now Drayven stared blankly at the woman's door wondering how to go about the task. Mannerism instilled into him as a child placed him against entering, so he knocked instead. It took a bit of time, but finally a young male answered the door.

"Who are you?" he questioned, a finger quickly shifted to push his spectacles along the bridge of his nose. While he was just a child, his attitude was already pretty sour. The irritated tone in his voice told it all.

"Of course, angelic mother leads to a demonic child. Simple logic. We mustn't forget the formula. Anyhow, I'm known as Drayven youngster. I've been assigned the task of 'entertaining' you by your mother. Apparently you're nauseating." Crude as ever, Drayven did very little to spare the boy of his verbal wrath. Instead he smirked in hopes the child could understand him. To him that would be a reward.

The boy blinked indifferently as Drayven spoke. His brows arced, but only quizzically. "What does nauseating mean?, he asked. Then added a brazen "You're weird.

Not exactly in the mood for pointless conversation, Drayven ceased the moment and extended his hand as if to shake the child's. However, instead he produced a small ball of bright blue electricity. He figured if they were going to get through the day lightning was the way to do it. Thought Drayven would have to admit lightning proved a solution to most his problems, by his standards anyways.

It worked though. The boy was captivated beyond belief and for the remainder of the day he watched Drayven create art with the godly magic. Various shades of lightning, big sparks decorating the sky in colors and even operating appliances around the house while acting as the source of energy. The hours rolled over rather quickly, both Drayven and the lad forming a sort of 'father-son' bond over the lightning. Which was quite a feat considering they didn't initially see eye to eye. By the time Anne arrived home from her errands, Drayven had been right in the middle of showing her son how he could blow up things with the magic. Fortunately for him she came momemnts before he began, and so he was able to discontinue the corrupt lesson. As promised he was paid and waved off bye the two in a farewell. Though, unknown to the son Drayven and Anne shared another moment. Perhaps even something that could lead to a weekend fling.

[Word Count || 1514/500]


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Babysitting For A Beauty
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