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 Gang Battle

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Ardere Kasai

Posts : 710
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Location : Magnolia, Fiore

Character sheet
Character Name: Ardere Kasai
Magic of character: Poison Dragon Slayer
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PostSubject: Gang Battle   Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:01 pm

Request name: Gang Battle
Guild: Raventail
Request rank: C-rank
Client name: Kuza
Objective: To gather information on another gang.
Posts: 5-10 maybe
Word Count: 1,500
Mages Required: 2
Reward: 5,000
Request description: We need 2 mediocre mages, to gather info on a rival gang of ours the Black Knives. We have rumors that they are increasing their man power through training and and high paid instructors. We need two mages to not only prove this rumor to be true, but also sabotage it. Plus bringing back a medium sized brown packaged boxing from within there hideouts would be greatly beneficial. -White Stars!-

Request details: The White Starts and Black Knives have been in a fierce rivalry for decades. They are both growing in number and sheer force in power. he black knives do have men to spare that are training in the basics of martial arts. Their higher instructors are actually mages, so they will use magic based attacks to defend themselves. *This could lead to more mission from either the White Stars or Black Knives.

Enemy Name: Manos and Ethoc
Rank: they are low D rank
General Appearance: They are twins, long black hair and covered in black armor with cloaks. They both wield spears.
Magic: Black Holder Magic
Spells: (10 Spells max)

-Black pin point- Gathering black magic energy to the tip of the spear and either stabbing forward or throwing it.

-Disrupt Darkness- jamming the spear into the ground and releasing a large amount of black magic energy to block ground based attacks and mess up footing

-Shield of Chaos- Spinning the spear and intense speeds blocking any attack coming near them.

Weapon: A black spear to use there spells
Equipment: N/A
Motivations/Fears: To known throughout the world. Fears- A young and unmeaning full death.

Name: Kuza
Age: 43
General Appearance: Not much is known about what Kuza looks like, he is always wearing a long white hooded cloak to cover his overall body and face. He does however eat lots of cheese, and is always peeling a nice new thin layer and eating it.
Motivations: Becoming the greatest gang known to man.
Fears: The world without cheese
Other: N/A

Spells Learnt
E:2 D:3 C:4 B:2 A:0 S:0

Missions Done
E:2 D:4 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0 10yr:0

Poison DS Magic 1, 2, 3, 4
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Gang Battle
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