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 Warth to Era

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PostSubject: Warth to Era   Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:35 am

It was time to leave--running was good, running was great. Persephone was pissed to the max. Maybe he deserved the rage, but then again maybe not. No. He did. Manipulating other guild members into fights with one another wasn't exactly the norm. It was fun though. Persephone had been bitching about getting motivated and going to the tournament, a couple of younger members were already there. He was to accompany them or something. He was headed that way anyway it just took the motivation of pain to get him moving. What a pain in the ass, these younger members were trouble.

Warth Woodlands were nice, Bentham grew up here anyway. Hunting and trapping with his dad. Nice. The day was fairy nice, sun high in the sky. Tree limbs to keep you in the shade, cooling as you went about your journey. The road was heavily populated, he saw, small to large groups of various people walking about. Some headed toward Era, some in the other direction. The tournament drew them in quick and sent em' right back on their way. Truthfully Bentham had no intention of joining the lists, most likely too late anyhow.

The first night under the stars was comfortable enough, Bentham went about setting traps to catch his dinner. He did of course, Bentham always caught his prey. Tonight a rabbit. Over the cook fire it seared, dripping juices into the flames. Mmm. It smelled great, better even than if it had been baked. Well, to Bentham anyhow. Soon enough the smell of food drew travelers.

Three farmer-folk stopped and shared a leg, sharing a few bawdy jokes with him. Eventually they left, after of course they were good and full. They treated him with a few jewels for the leg of rabbit. After a time he started to feel the weight of his eyelids. Tired. Eventually this would lead to sleep, but he fought it for now. The stars vexed him, their beauty in the sky, unparalleled by anything and everything else.

Morning met him with pale light that eventually turned to red and orange. Then the rising of the yellow sun, and finally the long march. The closer he got to Era, he noticed the tree's start to recede, as well a heavier flow of traffic. People with carts, people with kids and karts. Then there were people with nothing. Sparse groups of mages roaming, casting their magic. Fun.

Eventually he fell in with a group of mages, more friends than anything else. Said they weren't in a guild but were hopeful. Bentham jokingly told them a about Erebos, but really couldn't see anything coming from it. He traveled with them for a time, going as far as spending the night with them. That was fine too. He got a chance to show off his magic to them, catching a squirrel. They threw it in a pot to boil with brown potatoes. It did fine for a meal, filling the group wholly. That night they slept under the stars, a second time for Bentham. They told stories until they were sick of hearing each others voices, eventually they all fell asleep.

The next morning it was a short walk to Era. After of course he thanked that mages that aided him along the way, and they him. It was nice to meet new people, he supposed. Though not everyone enjoyed his, well, sense of humor.

Anyway... Off to find those kids.
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Warth to Era
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