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 Victoria Cruz -Done-

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Victoria Cruz

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PostSubject: Victoria Cruz -Done-   Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:18 am

Character Template


Name: Victoria Cruz
Alias: Dark Princess
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthdate: 10/22
Sexuality: bisexual
Special Characteristics: One of her eyes is blue one is purple she also has fox like ears and a tail.
She is what one would call a two face the face she shows people and her true nature. Her self she often shows seems kind and loving being nice to the elderly being gentle to children her true self however is much darker. She has one desire and that is to have evil control the world and destroy all those legal guilds that block her path. She is also very much a sadist as she loves to inflict people moth mental and physical pain, to her nothing causes more ecstasy than those suffering because of her actions.
She also is a very vain and vindictive person she won’t forget those who do her wrong or those who simply piss her off, she will find a way to make them suffer some day as she even keeps a notebook of what she plans to do to those people on her. When it comes to battle she is quite manipulative acting helpless at times to lure an enemy in or have an ally shield her before she will show her true fighting potential she feels hiding her true power gives her an advantage and allows her to surprise the enemies. She will help allies if she feels it’s in her best interest to win a fight however if she feels it’s a losing cause she will simply leave the fight and abandon her allies risking her life for no cause is something she won’t do.

As for love she is unsure she has not been with someone but she finds both males and females attractive. To her love is something that is important as long as it does not ruin her plans, if however her love will ruin her plans she will simply dump the person to make sure her goals are in order. She is also rather rough in the bedroom some would call her a BDSM type of woman because she tries to always be the dominant one. She despises those who try to pretend to be good, to her anyone acting good is simply denying their true selves, all humans in her mind are dark and selfish so she gets quite bothered by those acting good.

Causing pain: To her this is better than sex ever could be it sends such an adrenaline rush when she inflicts pain. It also helps her cope with her past which she rarely will talk about.
Cloudy Days: She hates the sun as she feels it ruins her beauty as well as the fact it gets hot. To her cloudy days are when people are the most depressed and it’s the best time to cause someone some pain.

Nice Clothing: She is extremely picky about what she wears and will only wear the best of the best clothing. When she sees people in commoner clothing she will often insult them and tell them they should try to work harder to look nice. She can’t stand poor clothing and people wearing it only further increases her desire to inflict pain on them.
Good people: She absolutely despises those who try to act good in fact it causes her to enrage whenever she sees it. To her these people are simply wearing a false mask and covering their true darkness inside, these types of people are the types she hates the most in life.

Sunny weather: She hates this for several reasons it causes people to be happy and she does not want happy people around she wants only suffering from people. The second is she feels it ruins her skin as she is one to take very good care of her looks she can’t stand to get sun burnt or dirty.

Her Family: She completely despises her family because of past events her idea of loving her family is long gone. With this hate she has come to avoid them as best as she can however if she confronts them she will get quite violent even attempting murder if pushed too far by them.

Inflicting suffering: She loves inflicting both emotional and physical suffering so she will feel motivated to set traps and plans to cause people harm. This can be done very harshly as everyone’s suffering is part of her grand plan she has thought out.

To become the strongest enemy to the world: As said she wishes to become the top mage in the world while this might seem simple it also has another motive. She wishes for everyone to be her slave and wishes once she’s the best to make the world tremble in pain and suffering.

Creating Chaos:
With her rule of the world she wishes to incite the world into total chaos where the strong rule and the weak die this would be her greatest motivation. To her those who are weak should simply be removed as they are just a worthless subject for her to rule over.

Thunder: Due to something in her past she has a great fear of thunder just the sound of it will make her shake and become paralyzed unable to do much of anything. This is quite crippling if it happens during battle but her past deeply scared her to this sound.

Death: She fears dying to her death is the end to anything she wanted to accomplish so she is quite afraid of dying. She will get very reckless to get out of situations where she feels death could affect her, if she thinks he will die she will try her hardest to get away.

Spiders: She really fears these little vermin the eight legs and all those eyes staring at her really freak her out. When she sees one her first response it to yell and try to crush it if it’s too large to crush however it would be to run far away from it.

Becoming Poor:
Being poor would be the ruin of her life thinking of having to use commoner clothing gives her the chills. To her if she had to wear commoner clothing she would rather die than wear those rags she also fears getting her nice clothing ruined in battle as to her losing a nice piece of clothing is like a sin.

General Appearance

Height: 5’6
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Light Purple, she often keeps it cut short and wavy as her hair is a bit hard to deal with considering her ears are always in the way. The match her hair color along with her tail as it is also light purple.
Eyes: One blue one purple
Skin Tone: Light
She is what many would call a very sexy woman she has quite the body and a very nice chest size as well. The main feature that stands out is her fox ears and tail as most people do not have those she does get attention because of those, she has a slim waist line as well as an overall appealing figure. She has a natural light purple hair and her red and blue eye are also rather mysterious. Her physical body tone does not seem overly strong but she is rather fit taking many hours of workouts each week to keep her wonderful figure. Her hair is short and a bit oddly cut this is due to her ears as they make it very difficult to style properly so it often looks wild yet has an aura of class to it.

The way she dresses is always well dressed she is one who loves good clothing to her good clothing shows dominance so she would never be seen in commoner clothing. She often can be seen wearing a kimono or elegant Chinese type dresses as those are her clothing of choice. She typically also wears a red lace around her neck this is something very important to her as it has meaning from her past. When she is doing missions she will dress more practical for missions or dangerous fights often wearing more tight fitting clothing as to make sure her best clothing is not ruined. She is one that also loves to show off her body she will wear very reviling outfits to play with minds of people as she loves to lure someone in just to cause them pain.

Guild: Malestrom
Tattoo: It is located on her back and the color is black
Rank: D Rank


Primary Magic:
Steel Dragon Slayer: She is able to manipulate steel into many various things such as the ability to harden her skin or make weapons or other things to attack her foes, this also contains considerable defensive capabilities as she can harden any part of her body into hard steel making her entire body a weapon.
Secondary Magic: N/A
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: This magic has many amazing things the first being an insane amount of defensive possibilities creating shields or other shield things like a wall, she can also create weapon to attack such as creating her own sort of canon or a spear or her personal favorite a spiked steel bat, this is her weapon of choice in most fights as she will use this bat to launch her offensive abilities while keeping her defensive skills ready. This magic what taught to her by the dragon that adopted her.

Strengths: The ability to create and manipulate steel to her will can be a powerful weapon, she has many option to chose from only limited by her imagination on what sort of things she can make. She can harden her body to take much less damage or create a meteor made of steel to summon and crash down from above. She could even create a steel prison to hold a captive or create her favorite spiked bat weapon to smash her foes in the face with the possibilities are endless with what she can make using her magic.
Weaknesses: This has one extremely bad weakness and that would be lightening as something that conducts electricity it is her ultimate enemy. Fire is also another elemental weakness as if it is to hot it can melt down her metal but it does take some intense heat to reach levels to melt down her steel. This also has created her fear for lightening as she cowers when she hears thunder and gets quite paranoid when she sees lightening near her. She also needs to recharge her metal so she will often have to eat something metal mid battle even if it happens to be an allies weapon, this is needed for many reasons.


Her life was not a very grand one as her parents were horrified when they gave birth and saw her tail and ears. Her father accused her mother of cheating and banished both from the house as they had to move into the country and live a very poor lifestyle. She often had to work fields to earn money for her to survive making her gain a deep seeded hatred for her father and other siblings as well as toward her mother for not supporting her properly. When she was five they abandoned her on a mountain leaving her to die she walked for miles and passed out simply expecting to die however a large metal dragon appeared before her asking if she wanted power to control the world. She nodded yes as he took her under his wing he began to teach her a powerful magic called steel dragon slayer, this magic was meant to be able to slay dragons and it was a very powerful type of magic. She trained harshly as he wanted to make her strong running miles a day as well as strength training to be able to handle dealing with any metal weapon she could create. However one day she awoke and he was gone from her life she searched everywhere for him but no clues were found she had gained enough power however she felt she could easily survive on her own now.

By the time Victoria was fourteen she had clearly shown signs her personality was a terrible thing as she would return back to her parents house and slaughter every member of her former family leaving only weapons behind as she impaled all of them to the walls writing in blood one simple message sinners have been punished. She also began to lure unsuspecting boys in only to torture them ripping pieces of skin off of them and laughing and spitting in their faces. To her it was an outlet to the rage she had built up inside one day however a talent agent heard her singing and had to sign her. Her look with her ears and tail and her voice were idol material so he offered her the job she accepted but not because she wanted to sing but it would make a good cover for her plans she had set out in life. Over the next several years she would build herself to be the best idol, as the fans loved her and she gained wealth she gained money to buy nice clothing something she never could have before. She soon became known as one of the most fashionable females in all the land and extremely popular. However she had turned quite dark over this time her opinion of the world had become very dark she wanted it all to burn, she wanted to rule and most of all she wanted complete anarchy to spread.

These ideas soon lead her to join a guild called Malestrom their views matched her own as she became a secret dark mage, she announced she had become a mage in a guild but she said it was a unknown legal guild called Eight Foxes. This is fact was a codename she had made for Malestrom. She has also gathered many loyal to her cause to spy on the good guilds these are her diehard fans she calls her acolytes, they are one hundred percent loyal to her and would do anything she asked. She currently is working on her grand plans to take over the world; however she is also keeping her disguise well making public appearances and advertising while showing off her fine figure. She plans to make a move soon but when only time will tell; when she finds the right allies she will finally show her true colors.
Rp Sample: Sara watched as Drake went to move toward her to play the game and fall face first into the mud she would not fall for such a trick however as she quickly darted back and up from the two using her wings to move extremely fast, she laughed at his face covered in mud but he did deserve it. She simply flew around in the air circling the two sure it was unfair but who said it would be a fair game after all she planned to get caught eventually she wanted to get caught, as she smiled at the young boy she teased the two motioning them to come at her with her tails.

"Now, now you should know I would not fall for that and being as I am over the open water I really do not see how you can catch me. How about I ask questions if you answer them honestly and I feel you are I will move closer and slow my flying down. If you don't answer them honestly or I feel you don't I will fly further away and move faster. Now my first question is for you Drake, when you first met me what did you think of me, any thought I mean detailed thought of what you thought when you saw me. As for you Cerez do you think I would make a good mommy."

She would wait to hear the answers keeping a good distance away, even if he thought his falling face first would work it would not really work on her. She looked toward the sky as she saw some clouds and a few flashes of lightening her eyes became wide open, she hated thunder they would both find out she truly feared and hated thunder as she stopped smiling and looked cautiously toward the sky her ears pinned back ,like she was afraid.

"We... might.... have to wait for the games... a storm... is coming..."

A loud roar of thunder echoed as she covered her ears and came flying as fast as she could toward drake picking him up from the mud and tackling him to the ground shaking as another loud crack of thunder entered the air. She was shaking quite badly the storm it reminded her of the night she killed her parents as the sound of thunder reminded her of that terrible night her hands trembling as she held him tightly, she was clearly not one to like thunder storms crying as she heard another crash of it.
Face Claim: Yugisaka Seto

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PostSubject: Re: Victoria Cruz -Done-   Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:43 am

Approved 1/2

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PostSubject: Re: Victoria Cruz -Done-   Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:02 am

Approved: 2/2

Spells Learnt
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PostSubject: Re: Victoria Cruz -Done-   

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Victoria Cruz -Done-
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