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PostSubject: Angelica   Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:55 am

Character Template


Name: Angelica Valentine / Lorelai Krieger
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Birthdate: 0/6/21
Sexuality: Bisexual
Special Characteristics: NA
Personality: Angelica is not the try hard type of person, someone who gives it their all no matter what they do. There are rare times when she takes things seriously, and the majority of those times are only in battles. During the majority of the time however she is a fairly laid back, easy going person who borders on lazy at times. She enjoys taking things at her own pace, to shop and spoil herself whenever she wishes, and most of all to see the blood draining slowly out of her enemies. To her there are two sides of her personality. One of which is the fun loving and outgoing person she is the typical day, the other and more terrifying is the sadistic side of her that enjoys the suffering of others; in combat most of all.

She loves the sight and smell of her enemy’s blood littering the ground, the pain of her own flesh being sliced and abused sends shivers of excitement down her spine as she becomes the berserker that is known to her family. Life and death, pain and pleasure, in a fight it all mixes together to the point that the adrenaline high is intoxicating. She never feels more alive than when she is in a battle to the death, sex, drugs, alcohol, nothing can even compare to the sheer excitement of such a confrontation. Her mental capabilities are able to tell when it is too dangerous and she should pull back, however in an even fight when she can risk it she enjoys being on the edge of death to the point that a single misstep could mean the end of her.

Her blood lust and sadistic, or at times masochistic, side of her in battle can transfer over to her everyday life as well. Seeing a blush is a cute and arousing thing to her, it’s the blood pumping through someone’s veins so hard, so close to the surface she could see the sweet redness of it just below the skin. Those who are shy or timid around her could very well find her pressing herself onto them and teasing them whenever possible.
Shopping – Angelica loves spoiling herself, buying things she likes an looking either beautiful or bad ass. Appearances are a big part of first impressions and showing off one’s personality along with wealthy so she is never shy to try her hands at it.

Teasing – Seeing people blush and get flustered is a lovely and entertaining sight, one of which she enjoys seeing on people if she is in one of her more sadistic moods. It helps ease the blood lust inside of her by venting through other, similar areas in her life.

Thunderstorms – Thunder and Lighting storms are one of the things she loves most about nature. The sheer power that it flaunts, the destructive potential and majestic sight is captivating to her. She secretly dreams that one day she could make the earth quake with terror like it does before such storms.

Reading- Despite her adventure loving and adrenaline junky life style she also enjoys a good book every now and again. It helps pass the time on the long traveling that is required for some of her jobs or the waiting for more orders. Along with the fact that she can nearly envision herself in the story, so it can help her release some of her more dangerous emotions if they start building up.
Long travel – Angelica may enjoy reading, however long trips annoy her to no end. There is no reason why she should finish half of her book or more from just getting to her destination. Prolonged periods of time traveling or waiting can work on her nerves and end up getting someone you wouldn’t usually like cranky, getting cranky.

Hard headed people – People who close their minds off are one of the worst annoyances to deal with. In her mind if they can’t open them somewhat than they are better without their heads at all, something of which she is usually more than happy to do with a quick slice of one of her various weapons.

Being Interpreted – Being interpreted when she is doing something she enjoys or while sleeping is a sure way to quickly get on her bad side if she doesn’t like the person well enough. At times they could merely get a glare, while others a sharp blade soaring towards their throat depending on the severity of their interruption.
Wealthy – Wealthy and becoming rich is always a good motivation for Angelica to do something. Jewels pay for her magic, it pays for her clothes, it pays for her food and shelter on missions, it is as necessary for her as her own blood is for survival. If the price is right, she can end up doing anything for the reward.

Strength – Growing stronger means she can fight tougher opponents, fighting tougher opponents’ means she can get into more dangerous battles, and more dangerous battles means that someone is going to die or get seriously injured. Either way, she wins in her mind. If she dies to a worthy opponent that is a happy death, if she kills a stronger enemy or seriously injures them she is a happy redheaded girl. In her mind power can convert into so many things, everyone should try and gain more.

Pain & Pleasure – Life should be lived how you want it, and for Angelica she is dead set on living how she wills. If she wants to die she will die, if she wants to kill she will kill, if she wants to do something bad enough she will find a way to do it. Pleasure is all apart of life along with pain and you cannot have one without the other.

Fears: Capture – Being captured alive is one of the biggest signs of weakness that Angelica can think of. In order to capture someone alive the other person has to be strong enough to defeat them without killing them, something that shows that they were holding back in her mind. She would rather go down fighting than to be humiliated on such a level in several circumstances.

Eaten Alive – Dying in combat is not an issue for Angelica, it is a fight to the death while her heart is pumping adrenaline through her veins. Being eaten alive however is one of the worst deaths she could think of. Having your flesh torn in pieces while you are defenseless to beasts, being consumed by them while still alive, screaming and feeling all of the pain is nearly unimaginable to her.

General Appearance

Height: 5”9
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Angelica’s hair is fiery red and most often in wild spikes with it rarely being done in a certain style.
Eyes: Amber
Skin Tone: Light
Angelica Valentine lives up to her name in both beauty and reputation that they inspire and are derived from. Her skin is smooth and soft to the touch with subtle muscle tones that can be felt underneath of her flesh if one squeezes or she flexes. Her body is in athletic shape and incredible flexible due to constant training to create a figure that walks with the grace of a cat and deadliness of a wolf everywhere she goes. The one part of her body that she has not trained to get it into the shape that it is in, are her bountiful and mature breasts. Being able to fill out a DD cup and yet still be as mobile as she is takes a lot of practice with her sense of balance to adjust to her center of gravity.
This habit of carrying herself in such a way is also duplicated to some degree in the way how she tends to dress. One of her favorite outfits is a sleeveless dress shirt with a tie in addition to a fancy skirt or dress pants, this combined with her wild and yet spiky hair gives her a more outgoing appearance that contradicts the business like outfit she wears. Other than her typical clothing she can also be seen in any one of her various armors that she obtains throughout her life, in various outfits or even dresses. It all depends on the situation she finds herself in on which she wishes dress herself, if at all even.

Guild: Maelstrom
Tattoo: Left shoulder, Ruby/Blood Red
Rank: D


Primary Magic: Requip – The Crimson Mercenary
Secondary Magic: NA
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Requip – The Crimson Mercenary belongs to the Requip magic family, allowing its user to instantly change and adapt to battles through the use of various equipment and spells to enhance their combat capabilities no matter what item is currently equipped. The magic itself can be taxing on the user in prolonged battles due to the magical cost of changing equipment and the various enhancements that might be used on said equipment without being able to land the attacks.
Strengths: Like all requip magic, The Crimson Mercenary is one of the most versatile magic due to the sheer amount of possible combinations of equipment available to it, in addition to the enhancements that it could infuse with them.
Weaknesses: Jewels, jewels, jewels are the strongest and yet the weakest point of any requip magic. If you have the money for it, it is extremely powerful, however it is an expensive magic to maintain and upgrade. In addition to the cost, in prolonged battles where they have to change armors frequently than the mage can find themselves running out of magic quickly due to the cost of changing and using their abilities.


Angelica Valentine was born into a family whose blood was tainted that those of others, with the blood of both innocents and evil. Throughout their history the Valentines has always had various members be fighters whose lives would be stained with the blood of others, those whom have had a sense of blood lust in them that ached for battle, to watch the life of people dripping out of them and the sweet pain that rips through their own flesh. It is unsure of what causes this, of what first started the history the Valentines have of having such sadistic and masochistic fighters however every now and again one shall be born with the same qualities in them. Some of the members who had fallen into the blood lust slaughtered their immediate family, others were level headed enough to control it and continue on with lives how they wished or for values they in turn pursued.
Angelica is one of those members whom has fallen into the blood lust, who has tasted the life of someone else and found how good it tasted. She wouldn’t discover this hidden side of her until later on in her life, so for the first few years her family was unaware of the potential time bomb among them.

Her parents were a family of business men and women, people who had a hand in the financial world and were well off with their lives. As such she was raised in a life of comfort and groomed to go into the same area of business as themselves. Be it with their accounting father, merchant mother, or any of the other various fields of expertise that were open to her. She had a good life growing up even though she was being pushed into an area of work that her personality didn’t go with. She wasn’t interested in the business career, she didn’t like how boring it was, how dull and listless it was.

Angelica wanted excitement, adventure, a way of life that made her heart beat so fast from emotions that it would nearly burst in her chest. Her parents assumed it was all because of her young and restless age, because of how hard it was to get young people interested into it. The true reason for her wanting a different life style wouldn’t be known until she reached the age of sixteen and one unlucky burglar would find himself breaking the wrong house, into the wrong window, and into the worst room.

One moonless night when Angelica was asleep peacefully in her bed, dreaming of red rivers flowing into the blood red sunset, her window slid open to allow a dark figure to slip inside. The intruder could have made his way through the house unnoticed however while he was slipping through the window a nearby lamp fell off of the nightstand, crushing to the floor to wake up the teenage girl laying comfortably in bed. In an instant he lunged at her as she threw off the blankets, their bodies crashing into the bed as they struggled against each other. Before she could even scream his hand was clamped over her mouth, silencing her as his other hand struggled within his coat.

Everything was moving too fast for her mind to keep up with; her body and instincts were in control as she struggled against him, her hands clawing at him, gripping his arms. Before she even knew what was happening a scream was echoing throughout the house, a scream of pain and suffering, the scream of the man on top of her. The knife he had been fumbling for in his coat was now buried into his stomach, his blood pumping over her chest as she twisted inside of him with a feral snarl. The scent of his blood flowed through her nostrils, the warmth of his blood seeping onto her flesh, it all felt odd, it felt strange, however it also felt wonderful. Her young mind couldn’t comprehend the sensations flowing through her as she experienced her first violent and fatal event in her life. As her door was kicked down to reveal her father rushing into the room and she was pulled out from under the man her mind shut down as she withdrew into herself, going numb as she shivered slightly from the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

After that life changing night Angelica’s interests curved away from business teachings and into combat, to train her body and mind for defending herself. Slowly but surely her parents could see the signs appearing in her of the blood lust, how in practice matches she was far too serious against her opponents, of how she had to be yelled at to stop as she almost went too far with a defeated opponent, and most of all how her eyes were in battle. At times it seemed as if she wished the wooden swords were real, however unlike others of her family who had fallen into the urge to kill she never once went too far. Her mind was strong enough to be in nearly complete control as she was still the loving daughter that her parents adored.

At the age of twenty two she went off on her own to wonder the country, training herself and seeking out greater power to fight more worthy opponents under a the alias Lorelai Krieger . During her time by herself she would come to work as a mercenary for whoever hired her and do odd jobs, during one of which she would meet a mage who would teach her the arts of Requip magic. Later on she would be approached and do a few small time requests for a mysterious employer before being offered a more permanent position under their employment. Accepting the offer cautiously and stating she would agree to a trial period she found herself recruited by Maelstrom. The fact that she was working for a dark guild didn’t bother her, the one and only issue she had and still has is how loyal it is to its members, and if she should have to worry about cutting ties with them at some point to save her own skin.

Rp Sample:

A sweet and smiling Sara held up yet another dress against Loreign’s body as they stood in front of a mirror. For some reason as Loreign took it out of the girl’s hands and looked at herself in the mirror she sensed something was wrong, she couldn’t remember coming into the store with the girl. As Sara stepped to stand beside Loreign and tell her how beautiful she would look in it Loreign’s throat clenched tight at the sight in front of her. Sara wasn’t in the mirror, not in the sense that normal people were. In her place was a demonic being with horns coming out of her head and an armor clad body. The next moment the entire store vanished, instead replaced by an endless series of mirrors that reflected various scenes. In some Sara was weeping openly, in others she was smiling and laughing, and another she was curled in a ball in a sea of darkness.

The rest of the mirrors were filled of the demonic being, glaring at her, laughing, smirking, and anything in between. In some Patches was being chased by her like a cat toying with a mouse, while in other Patches was biting desperately at her while she laughed. She didn’t see them all but she already knew what the mirrors each showed as the Demonic being stood in front of her with a sly smile on her face, her hand reaching forward to cup Loreign’s chin as she leaned down to whisper into her ear. “Will you step into my parlor?” She whispered quietly before slowly licking Loreign’s ear, sending a shiver of fear down her spine as once again she was left paralyzed in front of her. “Tis the prettiest little parlor that you ever did spy. The way into my parlor is up a winding stair, and I have many pretty things to show when you are there.” She continued on with a cruel and sadistic tone, at the final word Loreign’s world was sent into a black abyss as she felt the demon’s fangs biting into her neck, marking her as she was stripped of all defenses physical and mental.

Loreign suddenly sat up in the bed, covered in sweat as she woke up from the nightmare, her chest raising and falling as she took deep breaths to try and calm her racing heart. Her gaze quickly took in the hotel room before falling back and closing her eyes as she lay in a small pool of her own sweat. The nightmare already beginning to be locked away within her mind as it disappeared into the black abyss just like all her other dreams. Her head rolled over to look at the woman lying next to her in a night grown. Blinking for a moment in confusion Loreign looked down at her own nearly naked body then back at Sara, the events of the other day slowly beginning to come to the front of her mind as she reached up to rub her temples, groaning as she did so. “What happened?” She mumbled quietly to herself, still trying to clear the fog of sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Angelica   Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:24 am

Approved~ [2/2]

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