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 Celestial Spirit Rules

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PostSubject: Celestial Spirit Rules    Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:18 pm

Celestial Spirit Mages

Basic Rules

1)Limited to 6 ACTIVE players. Once the CS mage has gone inactive, the Golden key will be taken away from him/her and put out for grab for any new member that would want it. The Silver keys of the Inactive CS mage shall be held for a certain period of time, in case he/she decides to come back. Once this period of time is surpassed, the inactive CS mage's Silver keys would be put out for sale in the Celestial Spirit Key Shop.

2)You are given a Golden Zodiac Key when you start but the only way to receive another is if another Celestial Spirit Mage, that mage must be active and at least C rank when they give it away. Another way to get a Golden Key is if it is inherited to you by a recently dead CS mage. He/she would have to die IC, would have to know your char IC, and would have to leave a will IC in which he/she says that inherits his/her keys to you. You will also start with a D rank silver key created by you and approved by the mods. At rank B you will be given the option to receive a second zodiac key. Black keys will be given out as rewards for events or show up in the shop from time to time. The black keys are at a level close to the zodiac if not surpassing.

3)You may only have 1 key out while D and C rank. B rank up can have 2 keys out.

4)Summonings will drain half their magic each round that they are kept out. If you get to the point where you will not have enough mana the next post to maintain them staying there they will auto leave the post before.
E Rank= 5 to summon and 5 to maintain
D Rank= 10 to summon and 5 to maintain
C Rank= 20 to summon and 10 to maintain
B Rank= 30 to summon and 15 to maintain
A Rank= 40 to summon and 20 to maintain
S Rank= 50 to summon and 25 to maintain

5)Golden Keys are rarer than silver keys, therefore are normally higher ranks and will be added to the store less often or they would be given away in some events. Silver keys are in higher quantity than gold ones but are normally less powerful than the gold counter parts. Gold keys will be C rank+ while silver keys will be B rank and lower.

6)To get keys one must buy them from the store. Once a key is purchased it will be removed from the store and may stay removed until that player goes inactive. New gold keys shall be added once a month while silver keys shall be added as they are needed.

7)A celestial spirit mage may only own up to 10 keys. Once they reach the limit they will have to either give up a key buy selling it to another CS mage or to the Celestial Spirit Key Shop.

Key rules

1)Keys are allowed to have spells based on the keys rank.
E= 1 E or D rank spell.
D= 1 E or D spell and 1 C
C= 1 D, 1 C, 1 B
B=1 C, 1 B, 1 A
A=2 B, 1 A,
S= 1 B, 1 A, 1 S

2)Keys must be created using constellations that are real. Use the links to find out what the real constellations are.


3)Use the following layout while making your silver key. The spells need to be put in the same style as spells that other players use, minus the spell cost, though CD will be slightly longer.


Name: (Constellation Name)
Meaning: (Meaning)
Magic Cost:


[b]Name:[/b] (Constellation Name)
[b]Meaning:[/b] (Meaning)
[b]Magic Cost:[/b]
[b]Magic & Abilities:[/b]

Zodiac Keys
Aries, The Ram (B)
Aquarius, The Water Bearer (A)
Cancer, The Crab (B)
Capricorn, The Goat (A)
Gemini, The Twins (B)
Leo, The Lion (A)
Libra, The Scale (A)
Pisces, The Fish (B)
Sagittarius, The Archer (B)
Scorpio, The Scorpion (B)
Taurus, The Bull (A)
Virgo, The Maiden (A)

The Black Keys
Tigris/ River Tirgris
Custos Messium/Keeper of harvest
Polophylax/guardianof the south pole
Lilum/ Lily Flower

Spells Learnt
E:1 D:4 C:8 B:4 A:1 S:1

Missions Done
E:1 D:1 C:5 B:0 A:0 S:0 10yr:0

Light Dragon Slayer Spells 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

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Celestial Spirit Rules
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