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 A typical day in Maelstrom [private]

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PostSubject: Re: A typical day in Maelstrom [private]   Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:27 am

Misaki lay on the ground the bears claws having dug into her supple mound, a few inches above the piercings she'd now gained several deep non-lethal gashes. Before the bear could do any worse, she found that someone was standing over her. She watched in slight awe as the bear was effortlessly sent back several feet. She would take several minutes to actually figure out what had just taken place. Where had that shield come from. She soon realized who it was that had protected her, "Sh-Sheep-san you didn't have to do that. I'm fine...." She lied horribly, her hands covering the wounds. She didn't like having just been saved by this woman. Though she couldn't help but feel happy, her Mistress would not have shown that kind of concern for her well-being. She would have simply killed bear and scolded her.

She had been to worried about the wounds on her breasts being seen that she had not taken notice of the other wounds on her thighs, half and inch away from her guild tattoo was a deeper gash. She took immediate notice of the enraged state of her savior, watching as she used some strange kind of magic. This magic resulting in several enormous spears plummeting from the heavens down towards the already wounded bear. The bear being impaled horribly, the wounded creature blood spraying outwards from the wound, this being caused by the wounds strange angle.

The woman made a motion the pick her up, but the maid would move away, as she moved the wound on her thigh making its presence knock to her as her entire leg seemed to stiffen and buckle. She fell to the ground only to be scooped into the woman's arms. A few seconds later her Mistress made her presence known. When told with expected indifference to resume her task, she climbed out of the arms of her savior. She seemed to walk with a slight limp as she searched for fire wood. By the time her Mistress had finished scolding the new comer, she would have returned with an armful of fire wood, dropping it at her feet. Second later her the muscles in her left leg gave way, resulting in her sinking to the ground. The look on her face giving the impression she was still ignorant to the wound. While her mind and personal actions reinforced this ignorance. Her bodies natural reactions would do the exact opposite.

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Victoria Cruz

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PostSubject: Re: A typical day in Maelstrom [private]   Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:47 pm

She had saved the maid but the bear was now very dead impaled by her steel spears she let out a sigh setting the girl down as her master had reappeared. She yelled at the maid for failing her task and told Victoria she could never win causing her to glare a bit at her it was clear she was still quite the defiant type right now not willing to be that submissive yet. The maid had ran to get firewood as she sighed and stared at Angelica she had such a nice body it made her hot just thinking about her.

"Her leg was badly wounded by the way I am shocked she can move it but it is likely when she gets back she wont be able to use it right she needs so actual medical treatment for that leg."

As the maid returned and dropped the wood like on que she fell down as Victoria came close to take a better look, it was rather deep as she had feared, this was not looking like a good day at all. She wondered if her master was going to ask the maid to do more as for a fire she had nothing to make one with and steel could spark but she needed some sort of ignite something rather flammable.

"Anyways sorry I did not show my magic before it was not that I did not want you to see it, well the fact was I should have used it and showed my real skills. I know you think I am an idiot now because of that but I really do want to fight by your side I feel we can be quite a formidable duo."

She pulled out a piece of cloth and wrapped it tightly around the maids wound on her leg, but she knew this would only help it for a little while. She really would need some real medical attention with a wound like this she was worried but she would not try to anger Angelica by being to nice to the maid.
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PostSubject: Re: A typical day in Maelstrom [private]   Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:49 am

Angelica’s gaze watched her maid limp back into the woods while covering her bloody breast, even in this dark she could smell her pet’s blood. Treatment would probably be a wise idea however her body had been trained, it would get by with simple stitches that she kept in her hunting gear outfit for this reason. Turning her gaze back on the sheep she sighed softly, an amateur telling her how to tend to her pet. “Do not tell me how to treat my pets, me and her have both been injured like that, I personally have had been on the boundary of life and death plenty of times to know that from the scent of blood alone she is fine.” She said as she turned her gaze back as her maid walked towards them with firewood before glancing back at the sheep as she tried to examine and fix up her maid.

“We will see sheep if we are compatible in battles..” She said with a smile as she reached into her pockest and pulled out a needle and thread before crouching in front of her maid. Pulling the bandage off of her leg she reached out and pierced the skin just below the wound as she began to stitch her up in the dark. Her movements and needle positioning spot on as she effortlessly closed the wound up one stitch at a time; she was far too used to sewing up wounds if she was able to do so well in the dark. “As punishment for allowing yourself to be injured you will be left in the woods with the sheep for the night pet. I expect you two to be able to survive for at least one night and return to the guild by morning. If you are foolish enough to get sick I will punish you, if you are careless enough to be injured more I shall punish you, if you do anything to harm this body that belongs to me I shall punish you and not in ways that will make you moaning in pleasure.” She said coolly before removing her pet’s hand from her breasts as she went about stitching that wound up as well. Her mood for the night was ruined, the scent of blood was in the air, she couldn’t trust herself with her maid in this condition with her weakened body. Blood loss, injury, several orgasms, her pet must have been exhausted so she couldn’t handle Angelica’s abuse if she got going.

Rising up with the medical treatment finished she glanced back towards the sheep while licking the blood off of her hands. “The words I spoke to my pet were for you as well, ensure that nothing further happens to her healthy body or you will meet my wrath, not that of a pathetic bear. I expect you two to be able to work something out in those pretty little heads of yours.” She said in a displeased tone of voice before walking off into the woods, she could fly back to the guild easy with her armor so she wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost in the maze of trees.



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PostSubject: Re: A typical day in Maelstrom [private]   

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A typical day in Maelstrom [private]
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