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 Moki's Growth Spurt

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PostSubject: Moki's Growth Spurt    Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:01 pm

"Moki! I'm back!" Lance had been out running errands all day long leaving Moki alone. Poor thing had not been feeling well since the blast of magical energy. Lance believed that he too also absorbed some of the magical energy and his body just can't handle it. As he set down the bag of groceries their apartment looked like a wreck since he left. What had Moki done!"MOKI! WHERE ARE YOU!" Lance was furious there was a broken window, the couch was ripped to shreds and his fridge seemed to have been completely raided. There were claw marks all over the walls and ground. Lance started to search the apartment but found no signs of Moki anywhere. There was only one room left and that was the laundry room, the door was shut unlike all the other doors in the house. "Moki. Are you in the laundry room?" As Lance turned the knob he discovered that it was locked. " Moki open this door now!"

Lance kept trying to open the door but Moki wasn't unlocking it. He heard movement behind the door, and could see a shadow pass beneath it. "Moki I'm counting to three...1.....2.....3...." That was it he didn't open the door in the time frame he gave. Time for Lance to get serious. He still wasn't fully used to his new magical power so he wasn't sure how well this would go over but if anything could scare Moki into coming out it would be this ability. He activated his technique used to slay dragons, White Drive!

The burst of magical aura pulsating from Lance was enormous. Anybody who wasn't a mage near his power level would have trouble standing and breathing in his presence, this ability made him feel invincible. "MOKI COME OUT NOW!" Lance couldn't help his voice from booming it came with the aura. He could hear the doorknob.

As the door swung open stood a large purple cat with black spots covering his body. He was taller than Lance, and looked like he could hold his own in a fight. The cats nails were long and sharp and matched the marks on the walls. The creature looked like Moki, but Moki was about half this creatures size. Lance was close to striking the beast when he caught a whiff of it's scent. He deactivated his White Drive. "Moki?"

The creature lowered its head. Then it began to glow a light purple color and seemed to shrink back down to his normal size. "Sorry Lance...I couldn't control myself when it first shifted. I got scared and locked myself in the laundry room." Lance was stunned, Moki must have gained new powers as well from the blast. He could be an asset in a fight now instead of one more thing Lance had to worry about when in a fight. "Don't worry about it, you couldn't help it. I got alot more food, I'm sure your hungry after that growth spurt."

Lance went over to the bags and pulled out two large fish. He turned on the stove and began cooking up the fish. Moki hopped up on a bar stool by the counter and waited for the food to be ready. Lance cooked up a side of rice a fresh salad. He made sure each plate looked perfect before setting it down in front of Moki. He couldn't be upset with Moki for something he couldn't control, heck Lance did a bit of damage the other day when he first woke with his magic. They had to stick together, they were family. When Moki saw the food he started to devour it before the garlic bread was even finish cooking. For desert Lance brought out chocolate dipped strawberries, one of their favorites. The two ate the whole package and then headed to bed falling asleep with full stomachs.


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Moki's Growth Spurt
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