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 Micheal - The black butler

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PostSubject: Micheal - The black butler   Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:07 am

Character Template


Name: Michael Gervaise.
Alias: The Black Butler
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthdate: 1/1
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: (Anything special about your character. Tattoos, cuts, etc)
Personality: Michael holds the appearance of the perfect gentleman and butler, his posture is always straight and refined while he seems to have impeccable control over his facial expressions. He can give off what appears to be genuine expressions if he so desires, having a smile that puts a person at ease or concern in his eyes if he wishes to get more information out of people and their problems. Doing such things are as natural to him as breathing and don’t seem the least bit out of place for him, it is his job after all to serve his masters and put them at ease however possible, be it through a fake or real smile. No matter how he serves his masters or mistresses he can never seem to fill a hole he that is inside of him, a dark void that seems as bottomless and endless as the vast heavens above him. Being of service to others can help take his mind off of it and fill it momentarily, however no matter what he does it is always eating at him inside as if apart of him was gone before he even knew what it was.

Overall for all outside appearances he is polite, kind, and thoughtful; the perfect butler in many standards. However as one gets to see more of him and knows him more they see that he isn't the perfect statue of what a butler should be, they begin to realize that he is sarcastic and heartless towards the majority of people when given orders. He has absolutely no issues with following orders, even if they mean the suffering and death of innocents as it is all a part of the job, that and it’s simply a little bonus for himself. Simply because he serves a master or mistress doesn’t mean that he cares for them, some he couldn't care less if they died or lived. It is a hard task for him to grow to deeply care for someone, as such he has few if any people he would consider friends.
Serving – Michael enjoys the act of putting on the disguise of the perfect butler, of serving people’s every desire as he learns more about them. As he learns more about his masters and what makes them tick he often likes to do what he knows they would command before they do it, preparing food or refreshments before they even know they want them.

Plots and Secrets – Dark plots and secrets are things that are always amusing and interesting for him to learn, it is one of the many perks that comes with his job. While he serves the strong and influential he is more likely to hear rumors and plots than anyone else, giving him the inside knowledge that servants are famed for having. If he hears a secret he is liable to never forget it for as long as he lives, keeping it with him as some sort of mental badge or bargaining chip if he deems fit.

Sarcasm – Sarcastic remarks are always things that Michael enjoys doing when he sees the chance. If he is able to know his position in the current environment well he will at times try and push his limits with how far he can go with his various remarks. Those whom he is on friendlier terms with will see this more often, or those whom he deems less worthy shall out of the lack of respect towards them.

Unworthy Masters – Being made to serve an unworthy person from one of his masters is always something that he has issues with. Someone who isn’t worthy of having him as a servant shouldn’t be waited on and served as well as he does with those he deems worthy. It is an insult to him and his abilities.

Wasted Work – When Michael works on something he likes to have it serve its purpose, if not it was nothing more than a pointless taste that could have been better spent doing something else. If something of his is wasted he will often comment on it to express his displeasure over such a thing.

Betrayal – Being betrayed by a master he trusts is by far the thing he despises the most, if he is a loyal servant he expects to be treated as such even if he doesn’t officially belong to a guild that they are aligned with. Doing so loses his complete and utter loyalty unless there is a very good explanation for it, if not it is likely that the master that betrayed him would have a very short life.

Servitude – Learning how to best serve is one of his biggest motivations in life. He always seeks to better himself, to improve his skills and ability to please. Learning various instruments, gaining more knowledge and crafts as time goes on in order to be the jack of all trades and skills. As of now his mental knowledge and skills is beyond what people would consider normal, there rarely seems to be anything he doesn’t do or know how to do.

Protection – Protecting his masters and mistresses is one of the things that he takes quite seriously if he feels they are worthy of it. If they are worthy than it is his sole duty to ensure their safety however possible, even if he must place himself in a position of danger to accomplish it.

Filling the Void – Despite him never admitting it never exists Michael wishes to fill the void he feels inside of him above everything else. He has tried to fill it, to find out why it is inside of him in the first place but no matter what he does nothing seems to be the solution. All he knows is that serving people helps, so for the time being that is his only choice until he discovers the truth behind it for himself.

Keeping the magic safe – Michael was entrusted with the magic he currently has and to keep the secrets safe, to be passed on throughout the years to trust worthy people. It was his first masters’s last wish, and it is one that he shall keep no matter what.


Burned Alive – Michael is well aware of the history of those whom had used his magic in the past, of their horrible deaths and punishments placed on them, of how they were burned alive in hopes that the fire would destroy them completely. Being burned alive like that is one of his greatest fears and hatreds.

Failing his masters – Failing his first masters’ last command is one thing that he fears to do most of all. It was his first major order and it is one that he seeks to fulfill in order to honor those who taught him everything he knows about his magic.

General Appearance

Height: 185 cm (6'1")
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Skin Tone: Light
Appearance: Michael is a tall and elegant man, handsome and refined in both posture and appearances. He is rarely seen in anything but formal clothing, with butler outfits and suits being the vast majority of his wardrobe. Most often he can been seen walking around in one of his butler outfits with a pair of gloves on and shinning black dress shoes, none of his clothes having even so much as a wrinkly as he moves about with a quiet grace about him. His footsteps are unheard, his touch light, and his aura about him confident and patient. He appears to be someone one can always count on and his steps sure, however he is also someone one can easily forget as he can slip in and out of someone’s vision without them even realizing it.


Guild: Tartaros
Tattoo: very high on his right inner thigh.
Rank: D


Primary Magic: Abyssal Darkness
Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Abyssal Darkness is an ancient magic that had been lost throughout the ages; it is a magic that has its roots deep in dark and terrible history. For the past two hundred years there has been no official recording or records of it even being used, however a dark family kept its secrets close in order to protect the age old magic from those who would seek to destroy it or abuse it’s powers. Abyssal Darkness’s true powers lay in its tainted purity of the dark arts. It is one of the few dark magics that hold a firm grasp at the roots of magic, and as such is capable of things one would not expect.

Those who wield this magical power are capable of using a special type of darkness unlike any other, a darkness that is able to consume and be controlled like a hound of hell. Mages that divulge deeper into the dark secrets will uncover the true potential of the magic. It is capable of consuming and storing mass that is no sentient creatures or magic that is capable of being brought out whenever the mage deems fit so long as the darkness is powerful enough to absorb it. In addition the darkness is able to be manipulated and crafted to have a physical or energy form, allowing the user to create objects or creatures similar to ice creation magic.
Strengths: Abyssal Darkness ,unlike normal darkness magic, counters fire, light, and lighting magic due to its consuming nature while also suffering different weaknesses. Besides that this magic has a versatility that can serve the mage in both combat and everyday life, granting them a good mix between defensive spells and offensive for battles as well as supplementary for every day means.
Weaknesses: Abyssal Darkness’s major fall backs are the fact that it is countered by any darkness or shadow based magic. To Abyssal Darkness the “new” darkness magic that has come about after its creation is an abomination, a disease and diluted. When it classes with other forms of darkness magic it will always be at the disadvantage unless it has a rank advantage to compensate.

In addition to the weakness previously stated any magic spells that the darkness consumes is destroyed completely, making it impossible for the mage to gain any advantage out of it other than using darkness as they would any other defensive spell.


Michael never knew his parents or family’s surname; he never knew the warmth of a mother’s embrace or the joy of having his father hold him on his shoulders. Michael was born and raised in an orphanage located in Oak Town; his life was stale and bland at best. Nothing good happened to him; nothing bad happened to him, it was a grey and boring life that he grew up in. The orphanage however provided him with everything he needed and more, it had ties with a high class school in which he attended in order to better himself it was there that he was “guided” into the role of a servant. Where he learned what all a servant needed to learn in order to entertain his masters, where he developed a wide range of skills and talents that would be used for the rest of his life.

The violin, piano, wine, books, science, math, he learned it all and then even more as he was groomed to be a butler for the high class families that lived in the town. Michael knew what they were doing and training him for even as a kid, however he didn’t care. It was the hand that he had been dealt and one he would accept, he knew that his fate was still better off than others. As a butler he would have a decent life if he was in the right masters or family’s care, it would likely be a simple life until the die he dies. However at the age of 19 when he would be taken in by a high class couple, he would find his life changing.

The couple that took him in was a family that had a long blood line that could be traced back hundreds of years, an old couple that had no children and no hope of having any. The bland life that he was destined to have lived grew more exciting as after two years of serving them faithfully he was taken into their family and shared with their dark secrets. They were the ones to reveal to him the glorious world of black magic, of the powers of darkness and destruction. Knowing that he was their only hope to protect the book that contained Abyssal Darkness and ensure it continued throughout the years.

He learned everything he could from them about the magic and train himself to use it, so that when the day came and they passed away he could continue on with it hidden for years to come. At the age of twenty five he would join the dark guild Tartaros in order to serve them as a faithful butler, his magic and it’s true name remaining hidden from all but the guild master. He would live a quiet life, never making a name for himself or seeking to progress further in the guild. He was a servant and nothing more, it was his job to assist however he could and keep the secrets he was entrusted safe.
Rp Sample: Maelstrom, a guild that seemed to be impenetrable to any who would attempt to invade, a dark guild that controlled the seas with an iron fist that was hidden within the isolated island of Galuna; however for all of the protection, for all of the mystery the guild suffered one major disadvantage. There were no towns on the island, nothing to do, nowhere to go, the only thing was an old run down temple along with a tiny, primitive village that housed weak demons. The island needed a major town that had shopping stores, bars, restaurants, places to have fun! As of right now all that it had as an empty base, an empty island, and an empty village, she might as well just stay in one of the port towns instead of where her new “home” was supposed to be.

On yet another boring and uneventful day on the island, an island she made a point to avoid staying at whenever possible, Angelica could be found lounging in one of her many rooms that she had claimed in the guild. It had far too much space for so few people to occupy so she had taken it on herself to pick out the ones she liked and stay in them whenever she felt like it. Today she had migrated to one that had a beautiful view of the horizon, a window high above that allowed her to overlook the majestic waterfall and ocean that the island had. It was one of the few good things that the guild had to offer in her opinion. However the job requests it got paid well and it did have a secret place to run to if she ever got in trouble.

Despite the wonderful view it wouldn’t sate her desires to adventure, for battle and lust, the same feelings that were beginning to stir up in her more and more lately after they defended against the recent dragon attack. She felt more alive and stronger, her instincts were yelling at her to test herself and see what all she was capable of with this newfound power. Sadly the dragons had all left after they realized their guild master was to strong, she had only killed four herself before something made her black out in a pool of their blood. The only person who was in the guild at the moment that she knew of was her ever loyal maid, someone who very well might end up on the receiving end of her latest frustrations over having nothing to do or kill. It had been hours since she had last seen the masochistic woman, not until she had woken up in bed with her without a scrap of clothes on and ordered the other woman to bring them breakfast. After eating she told the woman to get dressed in her usual maid uniform and go make sure that the damage that the dragons had made had been properly cleaned up.

Now she was beginning to regret her decision to send the woman off, at the moment she was simply lounging in one of the high class chairs that was in the room, what one could easily mistake for VIP’s suite at a hotel. She had not even an inch of clothing on her as she had failed to see a reason in getting dressed this morning, it hadn’t even gotten to noon yet. Sighing softly to herself she closed her eyes and tried some mediation advice an old man once gave her, something that as usual did nothing for her restlessness. She could still feel the blood of those beasts soaking her hands, flowing over her warm flesh, only this time she didn’t have her maid to take these lustful feelings either through the bedroom activities or through pain.
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PostSubject: Re: Micheal - The black butler   Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:59 pm

Approved 1/2

Spells Learnt
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PostSubject: Re: Micheal - The black butler   Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:27 am

Approved~ [2/2]

Spells Learnt
E:4 D:5 C:4 B:2 A:1 S:1

Missions Done
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PostSubject: Re: Micheal - The black butler   

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Micheal - The black butler
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