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 [Solo Mission] Going out of Business

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Skullkid Shura

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PostSubject: [Solo Mission] Going out of Business   Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:10 pm

Request name: Going out of Business
Guild: Dark guilds only
Request rank: D
Client name: Mr. Smith
Objective: Drive a competitive shop owner out of business
Location: Oak Town
Time: The sooner the better.
Reward: 2000
Request description: There is a brand new shop opened across the street from mine, stealing my business! The owner sells the same types of wares as myself, always making sure their price is a few jewel lower than mine. I want you to make them close down, I do not care how. ~Mr. Smith
Request details: You can be creative, there would be several ways of doing this job. The shop owner may call guards to help protect his shop if you are not careful, which will make this job infinitely harder, so try to be discreet.

'FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU***********************' Mugen breathed heavily while looking into the mirror he just broke, his right hand still remained inside the mirror even through there was coming quite some blood out of it. In his left hand he held a letter, he was late on his rent again and was told to leave the building at once if he wasn't able to pay the 1500 jewels today. It wasn't bad that he was broke, he always was, since he didn't want to go on one of those stupid requests, the problem was 'WHERE THE FU** DO I GET 1500 JEWELS NOW?!'. Asking one of the guild didn't even cross his mind, those guys were all jerks who took every little jewel shard for themselves, not that he would have asked one of those guys.
He pulled his hand out of the mirror, just now recognizing the pain and blood flowing down his hand. A single tear started to go on it's long journey down his cheeks while he tried to hold back his tears. *Autsch... fu** this friking hurts like hell......* he thought. In fact it didn't hurt all that much, but Mugen was just in a really bad mood right now and he couldn't stand pain, he always started to cry very fast, even through he had such a big mouth.

After getting properly dressed (he wore wide black pants with some cool looking runes on them and a tank top) the chains which hung everywhere over his body made annoying sounds with every step he took, but it didn't bothered the foul mouthed boy, it wasn't the chains fault that they made sounds, it was his, therefore he forgave the chains.
The guild wasn't far from his place, he hated walking through crowded places so he had taken a apartment near the guild, which was cheaper, too, since no one wanted to live besides a dark guild. He kicked the guilds door open and at once he wished himself back inside his bed. It smelled like beer, which was without question consumed in mass and drunk people who didn't wash to often as it seemed. He went straight for the request board and ignored the members who were trying to pick on him, again: 'Hey Mugen you are here again? How long Has it been?' and 'Uhhh.. you are broke again?' and even more annoying questions were thrown at his head from every direction. He was a member in this guild since some years now, more than most of the guild, but he was without question the weakest member. At least in the other guys eyes, he barely could perform five spells, the people thought it was due to his lack of skill, but he just didn't cared for anything else besides his weapon collection, training and sleep, stuff like magic didn't interest him, to many idiots were able to use it.
His eyes were flying across the board until they stopped in front of one tiny note.
2000 jewels, that was all he recognized, he ripped it of the wall, then went to the counter. 'I'm gonna do this mission, make sure to have my jewels ready for when i come back' He said, into the stinking guys face. 'Ehh... Mugen are you sure you want to do this? Really, making a poor man close his shop, are you capable of doing that? Won't you just end back here crying like you always do HAHAHAHAHA' The man had a good time laughing at him while the rest of the room joined the laughter, Mugen took the note again and ran out of the room, he was pissed, pissed and angry. Outside he took another look at the note:
*Fu** he is right... i need to make that guy close his shop..... well not that i care but what if that dumb fu**** calls some guards or anything..... he could even try to beat me up himself, I'm still just a kid so he won't believe i am from Tartaros, they never believe me.* He got really nervous, he wasn't weak or anything, but thinking about might getting in danger really made him shiver. He didn't want to lose his life..... well he certainly wouldn't with such a low mission, but what if he got caught by guards? And they would discover his guild mark? They would torture him to find out the guilds location......

He was overreacting again, but it was already to late, shivering in fear he went on, trying to find the shop he had to do the evil deed at. It didn't took him long to find both shops, Mr. Smith opponent had done well in trying to lure people inside his shop, and away from Mr. Smiths. A big mistake how he would find out in a few moments, or hours... first of all Mugen needed to check the situation inside the shop, so he just went in. 'Hello my dear customer what can i do for yo.... oh it's just another kid. Get out of here, kids without money aren't needed in my presence.' Mugen screamed out when the shopkeeper had started to confront him as soon as he entered the shop. Feeling.... insulted and surprised he didn't know how to react first, but then his brain started to click in like it always does during these moments. It was a shop who sold.... tools, Mugens weakness, at once he started to run from one shelf to another, watching the beauty which presented itself in front of him. But he noticed something, all of these tools were sad, as he washed away a tear he looked at the shopkeeper. The guy was fat, no wonder, most shopkeepers are fat ugly non-honest man who only life for money. The guy ate something and carelessly dropped his cutlery, while he put down his plate carefully. Mugen exploded, this was to much, this guy wasn't only a bad worthless man, he even treated his own property bad, this was the kind of human Mugen hated the most. At once he forgot all his fears and nervousity from before and slowly walked up to the count, behind that sat the fat guy, liking his fingers to not waist a single bit of flavor. 'HEY FATSO, WHAT THE FU** WAS THAT? IS YOUR PLATE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR KNIFE AND FORK? HEY ASSHOLE I'M TALKING TO YOU!' Mugen shouted into the shopkeepers face, he seemed very surprised about the Childs sudden actions and didn't know how to respond. 'I AM TALKING TO YOU MOTHERF***ER, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH AND LISTEN! IT'S ONLY THANKS TO YOUR FORK AND KNIFE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO EAT THIS NICE AND CLEAN, SO GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES NOW AND SAY SORRY TO BOTH OF THEM AND WHILE YOU ARE AT IT YOU CAN SAY SORRY TO YOUR WHOLE SHOP AND GET THE FU** OUT OF THIS TOWN!' Mugen wasn't merely shouting anymore, he was screaming in such a loud voice that every single person on the street started to take a look through the display window. 'Boy, who do you think you are talking to? I am a adult, know your place, where do you life? What's your name? I will make sure you and your family gets punished for what you have done right now an.... HEEEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?' Mugen had jumped over the count and right on top of the shopkeeper, he grabbed his shoulders with his hands while kicking his knees in his upper body. The full grown man went to the ground while screaming in pain, even more when his heavy body hit the ground. 'GET OFF ME... HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!' He was scared, it was obvious and could be read in his eyes, Mugen, blind in rage smashed the mans head to the ground and shouted at his face again 'SAY YOU ARE SORRY! SAY IT!' the man didn't know what was going on anymore, but he felt the boys grip at his throat and squealed like a pig, he was obviously surprised by the little boys strength, no one would expect a little guy like him to be able to have this much strength, but what was really making him unable to defend himself were Mugens eyes. He could have easily thrown the kid off him, but those eyes, they pierced right through the mans head, those violet shadows twitching around in the kids eyes and the feeling of being in grave danger were what made the shopkeeper react the way he did. He started to cry, snot and tears got mixed together as he tried to open his mouth and speak will being choked: 'I wam soowrry pwease, let gwo of me.' Mugens grip tightened 'WHAT ARE YOU SORRY FOR, huh? TELL ME!' Sheer panic was what was riding the shopkeeper right now and he spit out those last words which made Mugen release him from his grip 'i wam sworray foar bweing difrefpecfull to tha foark and knaife.' Mugen looked down on the pitiful man who twitched on the ground and coughed, thankfully for every bit of air which filled his lungs and body with new life. 'Now get the fu** out of this town.... NOW! Or i will make you one head shorter!' This was not an empty threat, if he needed to Mugen would slice open this mans throat without a single feeling of guilt, in fact he would have been happy to give this man what he deserved. The shopkeeper ran out of the shop without thinking even one second, it was obvious that he was reacting out of a reflex than actually mean to get out of the town now, but that didn't matter anymore, Mugen had to be fast now. He quickly collected all of the tools in the shelves and put them into a extemporary bag, which originally was a curtain. He then used a rope to close the bag and threw it out of the window, then he took out some fire stones which he found in one of the shelves and lit the shop on fire, that was the easiest way to make sure the guy wouldn't get back into his shop. After making sure the fire was burning nice and properly, he took out a mask from his pocket and pulled it over his head, he didn't want to get seen right now.
'FREEZE, YOU ARE SURROUNDED, KEEP YOUR HANDS UP BOY AND DON'T DO ANYTHING WRONG NOW, WHAT WILL YOUR PARENTS SAY WHEN THEY SEE YOU NOW?!' MUGEN spinned around, five guys were standing in front of the shops window, a sixth one was inspecting the bag he had thrown out before. *Damn, it took me to long to safe all the tools, that fat pig has informed the guardians..... damnit* He turned around without thinking anymore, the adrenalin had rushed to his head and he didn't even think about consequences anymore, he just hoped those guards weren't mages, he raised his hand upwards, at once a big sword formed out of the ground below Mugens feet [spell used: Creation 95 / 100 Mp] , catapulting him into the air, the only problem was, this was a closed room, there was a roof. Mugen quickly pulled both of his hands back and quickly raised them up, the chains he wore around his legs deformed into two swords and started to fly towards the destined direction, right into the roof [spell used: Flying Blade 85 / 100 Mp]. They didn't break it or anything, therefore this spell was way to weak, but after Mugen was shot into the air the guards had advanced into the building, being sure that Mugen wouldn't get far from his position. They were wrong, even through the blades didn't opened a path for him they sticked out from the ceiling now, Mugen used those two weapons as a springboard and jumped out of the room. As soon as his feet touched the ground he performed a roll and once again used his creation spell to catapult himself on the next rooftop [spell used: Creation 80 / 100 Mp]. He had successfully used the moment of surprise and was now heading back to one of the guilds secret passage ways. Those guards wouldn't have the time to catch up to him he knew that, smiling a last time knowing he did pretty well he jumped on the next rooftop, landed and..... slipped. He crashed into the roof and right through the ceiling, the next thing he recognized was a woman screaming at him in a loud annoying voice, he quickly got up and got out of the room by jumping through the next window. *Ouch.... my friking nose hurts..... and my feet... and my arms..... stupid woman....* The tears who just kept coming got into the way of his sight and when he finally reached the guild through the back door his face was covered in snot, tears and a bit blood.
'I friking did the job, now get me my money!' Trying to cover his face as good as possible Mugen smashed the request note on the counter and waited for his 2000 bucks. This was a horrible day and he just wanted to get back into his room now....

Mission completed 2238 words and a nice little story >3> i would like some feedbacks ^^


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[Solo Mission] Going out of Business
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